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10 On-demand App Ideas to Start a Money Making Startup

by Murarish
On-demand App Ideas

With the advent of e-commerce platforms and e-commerce apps, it can be safely said that the Smartphone has brought the world to our fingertips. On-demand App Ideas– With instant access to products and services from across the globe, the world has fully grasped the online buying trend. While e-commerce focuses on global reach, there is a market where people are expecting things not within days but minutes and hours. This is called the on-demand market and it has been rising exponentially across the globe.

According to Statista, consumers of the USA alone are spending $57.6 Billion annually on on-demand services and the number of users that consume these services is an average of 22.4 million! (Source) Because of its high-demand, easy monetization tactics and numerous applications in multiple domains, the on-demand market is expected to grow even faster in the future and if an enterprise or an appreneur is planning to make a fortune in the $935 Billion Mobile App market, on-demand is one of the best bets.

To help you make an informed decision, we have listed below the categories of on-demand apps that one can start and make a successful business model:

10 On-demand App Ideas to Start a Money Making Startup:   

On-demand Food and Grocery Delivery Apps:

In the latest research, it was found that the Online Food Delivery Market to hit $161.74 Billion by 2023 worldwide. These applications’ are mostly local and are based on the model of delivering food from restaurants across the city to your doorstep. The concept is raging globally and there are many local adaptations too along with some big names. There are many monetization models in this concept. Right from paid promotions to the commission on delivery and advertisements, the owner can create multiple revenue streams from a single app.

On the other hand, due to the advent of the Coronavirus, the on-demand grocery app market has seen an unprecedented surge in downloads! According to Apptopia, the top grocery apps in the USA namely Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt have seen their daily downloads surge by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively from February to March 2020. Usually, these apps are either private businesses or a marketplace and their business model is similar to that of an e-commerce platform.

On-demand Medical Supplies Apps:

The pharmaceutical retail industry is also providing national delivery services with the help of on-demand medical supply apps. Since there is no need for the infrastructure and for employing staff for the store, these platforms are leveraging a price-competitive business model and other than that, many are relying on access to supplies that are rare in the market.

On-demand Health and Fitness Apps:

There are many different business models that one can tap into in the health and fitness domain. Some apps provide your on-demand diet plans and exercise regime based on your BMI. Many apps provide exercise courses and some provide personal training sessions. Apart from that, some apps keep track of your calories intake, your fitness journey, provide meditation music and techniques, improve and track sleep and others.

The health market is one of the biggest on-demand markets in terms of varied business models and one can easily stand out by identifying a pain point and addressing it with an on-demand service. With the growing health consciousness across the globe, health and fitness on-demand apps are high in demand.   

On-demand Handyman Services Apps:

A handyman business is one of the most unorganized sectors that are currently present and it can be digitized and localized by appreneurs. The list of handyman services that one can integrate into a platform is huge. For instance, you can integrate plumbers, electricians, AC maintenance services, beauticians, car washing services and numerous others.

The business model is a huge success for on-demand apps as the platform gives anytime access to these services and that too at the end-customer’s convenient time and day. Apart from that, digital platforms can also be used for price comparison and can be used to find quality service reviews within the desired budget. 

On-demand Repair Services Apps:

This again is one of the unorganized sectors where there are mostly professionals with no established place or time to work. The on-demand app can target various repair services such as electronics repair services, car repair services, AC repair and maintenance services and others. Create a digital marketplace for customers and professionals and have a business model with revenue streams such as advertisements, paid promotions and commission on services.

On-demand Rental Apps:

This is one of the unique on-demand business models that have come into focus recently. In this, people provide various types of rental services to their customers. Right from furniture rental services to clothes and car rental services, appreneurs can cater to many different types of rental services to their customers. 

On-demand Video (OTT) streaming Apps:

This is one such on-demand service that can easily be made global and can be massive in terms of scale and volume. With giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO max and others already fighting in the domain, it also is a competitive market where the success lies in the uniqueness of the content and the subscription price. 

On-demand Taxi and Tourism services Apps:

Right from private tour bookings to cab booking, from outstation car rental to hiring cars for special events, the on-demand taxi and tourism service apps are one of the oldest business models. Not only can you completely digitize your business model, but you can also rely on vendors completely and create a revenue stream by providing a digital marketplace.

On-demand Consulting services:

People are using apps for almost everything these days and this has also been extended to the consulting business. Right from astrology services to medical and fitness consulting, many such applications are providing remote access to professionals from the comfort of their homes with the help of an on-demand consulting services app. These business models are similar to other service apps and thus, can have paid promotions, subscriptions, advertising and other such revenue streams integrated with them. 

On-demand Nursery and Plant delivery Apps:

Nursery supplies and plant delivery apps are on the rise recently. Appreneurs are tying up with vendors and are creating national platforms for customers. Appreneurs are also creating these digital platforms to provide plants as gifting and delivery services are one of the most gifted commodities. The platform can be completely private or a marketplace where you can invite different vendors from different regions to integrate their products on your platform and you can earn from each sale.

3 things that you must do to ensure that you have a successful On-demand Business App:

  1. Delightful and personalized User Experience:

Many such platforms charge a premium from the other apps but are still making more business because of their customer-centric approach and amazing customer-care services. On-demand App Ideas– These are such apps that are more focused on delivering delightful and personalized user experiences as they wish to create a brand and promote positive word-of-mouth for optimum organic reach.

  1. Creating enough and significant Points of Difference:

To make sure that your app stands out in the market, you must have something that other apps don’t. This Unique Selling Point or rather the points of difference can be anything and not necessarily your product offering. Some apps have a unique navigation flow, some have multiple service offerings creating a one-stop-shop and some have personalized their app features and functionalities based on the niche that they wish to target.

  1. Experienced Mobile App Development partner:

The on-demand app market is competitive and it requires constant innovation and updates on the platform to stay relevant and to gain a competitive edge in the market. Thus, you must have a reliable and experienced mobile app partner that can provide you end-to-end consulting, development and maintenance services. Also, ensure that the On-demand Mobile App service provider has relevant domain experience and the required technical proficiency. 

Get success on-demand: On-demand App Ideas

The on-demand app market is one of the most profitable business models as it creates a perfect mix of online and offline businesses. With the rising adaptability of this format of apps, this is rather the best time for those who wish to dive into the market and create their own considerable market space.

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