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5 Clever Ideas To Gather More Attention On IGTV

by Mary Kyle

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is a photo-sharing app; millions of users are actively using it on Instagram. Talking about IGTV is a unique feature offered by Instagram to post videos; it is an app. Using IGTV, many influencers and content creators are getting beneficial. Here you are going to see some ideas to follow to gather more attention on IGTV.

Content Matters

Content and quality are the prime factors to create an awesome video. Provide the audience always a reason, cause for your followers to watch your video. So that they will not skip your video without completion. Just stumble in your audience’s mind about their interest and what type of content they like most. Think from an audience’s point of view, and then you will get your answer. If you are not ok with your content, you can go back to the drawing board. Don’t just post often without the quality.

Create Mobile-Friendly Videos

IGTV gives you to enlarge your video screen to get benefited from mobile users. Follow up-to 9:16 ratio to place your video in mobile to occupy the full screen. The vertical video format is constant for IGTV. So don’t post the youtube videos that will not fit the screen.

Know your Followers’ Time

It is a known fact that you can post your video up to one hour sounds good, right? But it is really; It is challenging to engage the people for one hour; it is quite a long hour. Of Course, it relies on brands or content, but to keep them held for one hour is not easy. It is better to create 15 to 30 minutes that are good and standard. So analyze the audience engagement time and plan according to that. You can buy real IGTV likes to make your brands or content worth discussing.  There is no best time to post your content, and it varies from topic to brands. So better fix up to 30 minutes as maximum if your content is excellent or confident that your content can extend time. Giving long videos is not essential; making your audience engaged and attentive in your content is most important.

Interact With Your Audience

Shape your content as exciting and interactive as much you can. It can be achieved by asking your followers to leave a comment, like, share your video in their profile. Make them join in discussions, share their opinion, and that stuff helps you to understand and get to know about your followers. Your primary goal is not just getting engagement and interactions; it is about converting them into your clients. You respond to each comment your followers left and reply to them like all of their comments. They feel happy and recognized when you care about them, and it will create strong bonds. And they start following your brands at least have the idea to try out.

Introduce In Multiple Platforms

Try to give an intro and mention your IGTV channel in all the social media you use. Because your only aim is to build an audience and grab attention for your IGTV. You can post Facebook posts, mention them in your blog with small articles, and get email broadcasts to get the new audience.

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