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6 Things to Make with Old CDs and DVDs

by saniamazari111

CDs and DVDs are two different types of optical disks. We are using CDs and DVDs to store the information in the digital form. In a CD, we can store 700MB data. On the other hand, on a DVD, we can store 4.7GB data. This thing shows that there is a difference between CD and DVD. This data can be stored in the form of audio files, video files and documents etc. After storing the data in CDs and DVDs, we can use this data for various times. By using CDs and DVDs for various times, these CDs and DVDs become useless. It means that we can’t use them to store further data. These old CDs and DVDs are not useless. You can make these essential things with old CDs and DVDs.

1. Use them to Create Colorful Garden Mobile

You just need to collect a bunch of old CDs and DVDs. After collecting the bunch of old CDs and DVDs, you can easily create a colourful garden mobile for the yard. This is the best DIY idea for the art class. You can create this project either by working in a group or by working individually. To create this project, you will have to decorate the old CDs and DVDs with beautiful arts. After decorating these CDs and DVDs with beautiful arts, you should hang them in your yard. If you are creating this beautiful project for your art class, you can hang them in your classroom.

2. Use them to Create Ornaments

Most of the people try to decorate their homes during the holidays. For this reason, they create lots of decoration pieces. In these holidays, you can use old CDs and DVDs in your home to create ornaments. The old CDs and DVDs are a wonderful substitute for the mosaic tiles. You just need to take an ornament and cover it with the cut pieces of the media. While cutting the media, you can create your pieces of art. You can cut them in rectangle shapes. You can cut them in the square shapes. You can also cut them in circular shapes. You can also make use of all of these shapes.

3. Use them to Create Faux Flowers

The hand made faux flower is the best gift to anyone on a special occasion. You can make it with the help of old CDs and DVDs. To make a faux flower by using them is not an easy task. Anyhow, by making some efforts, you can easily create it. To complete this complicated and time-consuming project, you require a steel wire and a Bunsen burner. After completing this beautiful project, you will forget all the complications of this project.

4. Create Suncatcher

Suncatcher is the best thing to hang in the front porch or the window of your kitchen. Its reason is that it can catch the gorgeous morning sunrays. To make this beautiful project, you will have to make use of the old CDs and DVDs along with polymer clay stained glass art. The polymer clay stained glass art pieces are used as decoration pieces. You should try to use these decoration pieces perfectly. After using these decorating pieces perfectly, you can make this project eye-catching. After decorating them, you should also make use of the stained-glass beads. These stained-glass beads increase the beauty of your project.

5. Create Clock Faces with Old CDs and DVDs

To create the clock faces by using old CDs and DVDs is also an essential use of them. After creating these clock faces, you can hang these clock faces in your home as decorating pieces. You can also hang these magnificent pieces of art in your office or library. While creating these clock faces, you should make use of the colours efficiently. Its reason is that the use of colours will make this clock faces perfect pieces of art. If you use the colour combinations perfectly, you can also make these pieces of art eye-catching for the viewers.

6. Hair accessories

With the help of them, you can create all kinds of beautiful jewellery. Along with the beautiful jewellery, you can also use them to create unique bobby pins. After creating these unique bobby pins, you can give personalized gifts to your dear ones. Its reason is that these bobby pins are unique and cute. Moreover, these bobby pins are also different from the artificial bobby pins. When you present these bobby pins as a gift to someone, he/she will reveal your love for him/her. Along with bobby pins, you can also use them to create the headbands. If you have a little girl in your life, this headband will be the best gift for her.

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