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7 Delicious Cakes That Are The Perfect Fit For A Birthday

by simran.goyal
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Online cake delivery saves time and money. So even if you live in a busy city, with its traffic jams and busy roads, the best thing to do is order your cakes online. And no matter what part of the world you are from, online cake delivery companies will send your cakes right to your doorstep anywhere you live or work.

Get the best cakes online

Online cake delivery uses several express shipping options so that your special gift arrives fresh and delicious just when it’s needed. In addition, many bakers offer same-day delivery if you put in an early request for it!  

What are the advantages? Well, aside from getting great deals on cakes thanks to special offers during sales periods (the best times would be just before holidays), these clean and secure websites allow you to select and order the cake you want with ease! Moreover, shopping for cakes online means getting your freshness choice because most specialty bakers offer only freshly baked or premium-quality cakes.

Vanilla Cakes

Vanilla cakes taste very soft because we use natural flavorings instead of artificial flavors. It has a great smell that everyone likes. The best time to eat this cake is at night as it also tastes good with sweets like apple pie or vanilla ice cream. Online cake delivery in Chandigarh gives a good impression as we decorate the cake well. You can choose how much you want from each.

Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate cakes are the most common type of cake globally, even though no one knows when it was invented. It has its unique smell, making you feel like eating some every time you pass next to a chocolate shop. You can also make it with coconut, fruit or cream for topping to have many flavors. 

If you decide to bake your chocolate cake, make sure that all ingredients will be fresh because if there is anything bad inside, your cake will be ruined, and nobody wants this! You can order cakes online for fast delivery.

Black Forest Cake  

It is a kind of chocolate cake that usually has a cherry for topping. This is also one of the most beautiful cakes globally as it looks like a forest with green trees at night when it is covered by cream! Its taste can’t be compared to anything else; you will love it because its form, taste and smell are very different from other types of cake, and this makes you want to eat more even if you had enough. You should try something new at least once in your life to see how great it tastes. Order this cake to add some unique spice to your taste bud

Strawberry cake

Strawberry cake is made from a batter composed of wheat flour, sugar, butter, milk and eggs and (optionally) vanilla extract or other flavorings. Additional ingredients can include ground almonds, coconut flakes, carrot and apple puree or whole strawberries. The different components are mixed with a blender to give a smooth consistency. The cake is then baked at around 160 C. If you order this cake online, you will not get disappointed. 

Pineapple cake

Pineapple Cake is a layered sponge cake covered with cream cheese buttercream icing and topped with pineapples. It was invented by the famous chef Mme Prunier in 1895 to celebrate the opening of her first shop on rue Montorgueil, in the heart of Paris’ boulangerie district. Order this delicious cake now for a heartwarming treat.

Red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake is a layer cake made with cocoa powder. A distinctive reddish-orange colour is achieved using synthetic food dye with beets, giving it a characteristic tangy flavour. The origins of the cake date back to the 1920s, during the Harlem Renaissance. You can send this cake to your loved ones to impress them. 

There are many kinds of cakes, but saying which one is the best can’t be an easy task unless we prepare them all in the same place with the same amount of cream and decorate it with the same decorations. Most favourite is Black Forest cake because people enjoy its unique taste that can’t be compared to any other flavour. Also, people love how its smell makes one hungry for eating.

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