A Comprehensive Guide to Express Entry Immigration

Did you know Canada welcomes almost 300,000 immigrantsevery year? (Yes, we know it’s a lot!) This is due to its excellent business opportunities, fun-filled lifestyle, and harmonious population. Canada is one of the few countries in the world with a vastly diverse populationthat lives in total peace; its beautiful tourist destinations have earned it the title of ‘Heaven on Earth.’

Many people dream of migrating to Canada, but they never fill the application because they’re skeptical that the process will take an eternity. Luckily, with the introduction of the express entry program, you can travel to Canada and settle here in no time!

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If you’re curious about the express entry immigration process, continue reading this blog to find out all about it.

The Different Types Of Express Entry Immigration Programs

Canada offers a wide range of express entry programs for immigrants from all over the world. You can read up on its details below.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you’re a skilled worker with foreign work experience, the FSW program is the perfect option for you to settle in Canada. You’ll need to provide your work experience and educational details and the help of an immigration lawyer to get the approval in a short period.

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Federal Skilled Trade Program

Have you got a special skill that can help Canadian firms? If your answer’s yes, the FST program is the best option for you. From butchers to industrial workers, any individual who has mastered any art can apply to this program.

Canadian Experience Class

Have you worked at a Canadian firm and wish to become a permanent resident here? You must apply for the Canadian experience class. It’s an excellent option for individuals with job security in Canada who want to settle down here.

Quite often, people end up filling the wrong express entry application and get a rejection. If you want your application to be flawless, you must hire an immigration consultant to help you out.

What Are The Requirements For An Express Entry Application?

Yes, the pandemic was a hiccup in the Canadian immigration process, but as people are getting vaccinated, COVID-19 cases are going down, and Canada has again opened its borders for the world. It’s no surprise that the Canadian government isn’t far away from achieving its 2021 immigration target.

If you want to get your hands on express entry immigration, some of the documentsyou’ll need are:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Latest CRS Scores
  3. Educational Certificates
  4. Work Experience Letter
  5. Medical Certificates
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Latest Photographs
  8. Proof of Funds

It’s no secret that application requirements change frequently, and with the added COVID-19 restrictions, weekly changes are being made in the express entry process. This is why it’s better for you to hire an immigration lawyer who’s aware of all the latest changes in the process and can guide you accordingly.

The Benefits Of Opting For Express Entry Immigration

The massive amenities that Canada offers are a major reason why thousands of people apply for the immigration process every year. If you’re undecided about applying for the express entry, the following benefits might be enough to change your mind.

Zero Discrimination Due To Electronic Process

Gone are the days when your immigration application would get rejected because of your caste, culture, or religion. Thankfully, the Canadian government has transformed its express entry application, and every single application is processed through an electronic system.

The system checks the authenticity of your documents, your Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) language scores, and if your application ticks all the boxes, you’ll surely get your approval in no time.

Reduced CRS Scores

To attract more people to apply for the express entry process, the Canadian government has already reduced CRS scores 417. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to settle in Canada.

Smooth Labor Supply

You’ll be surprised to know that 64% of Canadian businessesaren’t able to grow due to increasing labour shortages. Luckily, express entry is an excellent option for firms to hire labour from talented nations like India and help them migrate to Canada.

Hire Immigration Consultants For Express Entry Into Canada

Looking to settle in Canada but don’t want the process to last for a lifetime? Apply for the express entry immigration application today. However, filling the form might get difficult if you aren’t aware of the Canadian rules and regulations.

This is why we recommend you hire immigration lawyers from Nanda and Associate Lawyers Professional Corporationto help you out with all the paperwork. While you pack your bags for the trip to Canada, we can manage all the legal affairs.

Our team of expert immigration consultants has a combined experience of more than 150 years. You can hire our immigration lawyers for spouse sponsorship, work permit, and other legal issues too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touchwith us today for more details.

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