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Choosing Shooters? Don’t Make a Mess!

There is a word that opens all the doors in our kitchen cupboard handles. The question is how do we want it to be? Which type is more comfortable?

There are so many materials, finishes, colors, shapes.

Even the smallest detail will make a difference in our kitchen, both in terms of design and style and on a functional level.

Choosing a handle for the doors of the kitchen furniture is very important because it will give that personal and different touch that you intend to give it.

The most common kitchen cupboard handles and the ones that can give the most play when it comes to providing their own personal touch are:

Traditional handles

Traditionally the most common.

There is a wide variety of materials, styles and finishes: square handles, chromed steel handles, round handles, bar handles and many more.

It is a good solution when it comes to giving a personal touch to the kitchen thanks to its enormous variety.

Pull tabs

The handle is a type of handle that is incorporated into the door and that aims to create simple lines, concealing the integration of the kitchen cupboard handles as much as possible. For this, the design must be very linear and uniform without differences in height between some cabinets or others.

The handle can be made of aluminum or even the same material as the furniture.

This type of handle is highly demanded in new kitchen installations, in the search for designs that are increasingly pure and clean in their lines.

Ruff system

The “star” of handle less kitchen designs. Here the handles are totally eliminated (unlike the handle that simulates this structure, but which does have the integrating handle on the edge of the door) instead using guides with a curved shape, integrated into the structure of the furniture frame, to create a space between the door and the piece of furniture that allows us to insert our hand and grab the door or drawer front and be able to open it comfortably.

In a design of this type we normally find vertical grooves for columns and horizontal grooves for the line of base units.

The visual result is excellent, giving the Decoranddecor style, aesthetically very clean and with clean and straight lines.

An advantage of this system is how easy the doors are to clean.

At Nolte Kitchens we have our own line of rims, the “Matrix Art” collection, with robust solid steel rims that give our kitchens elegance along with a resistance and durability far superior to PVC.

You can also customize it by illuminating the top line of the base units with lines of personalized LED light for each type of kitchen, which guarantees a perfect and unique result for your kitchen.

Push Pull

This system is the newest and most avant-garde. It is an opening system by means of pressure on the front itself, lacking in this case any type of handle since it has an internal button that allows opening and closing. You can also find it at kitchen cupboard handles!


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