18 . Instagram Videos Ideas for Building Your Brand (With Examples!)

For a business, it is crucial to remain at the forefront of your customers in the places they are, not where you would like the customers to end up. With 1 billion active users on Instagram, most of them are likely to use Instagram.

Take that together with how video-based content creates greater engagement, connection, and confidence, and you’ll comprehend why Instagram Reels is now a popular marketing tool for companies.

What is the reason behind Instagram Reels?

The social media platform has had an important key role in changing the buying “funnel” to more of a “web” of various websites that customers can use to locate goods and solutions. Instagram is among the most rapidly growing of all the social platforms, boasting 1 billion active users per month and 500 million users daily. This is a huge number of possible customers!

What exactly are Instagram Reels?

Reels are an Instagram feature accessible on iOS and Android, allowing you to take, edit, share, and upload videos of 15 or 30 seconds.

In contrast to Stories click here but very similar to TikTok, Reels offers sophisticated editing and video processing tools.

It allows you to overlay songs to speed things up, reduce them, apply special effects, etc.

Reels are displayed in the Reels tab on your profile and the Explore tab. You may also choose to publish Reels on your feed, in your Story, or directly with another user.

Reels from your Reels will also be displayed in search results for the hashtag or song you chose to use.

How do you make an Instagram Reel for your company

These are the 4 fundamental steps to creating an Instagram Reel for your company on Instagram.

1. Enter Reels mode

To go into Reels mode on Your Instagram stories, visit your profile, click the plus sign, and choose Reels.

Then, select Reels

2. Pick your preferences

There are choices for effects that are special audio, length, speed effects, touch-ups, and a timer. (You can also add products and audio later.)

the recording options available when creating an Instagram reel for business

Music The app can add an audio track that you like from the other Reels users or Reels’ library.

Length: Choose between 15 and 30 seconds.

Effects Create effects by adding filters and stickers and stickers; you can also use one of the filters you’ve previously made.

Apply a touch-up for a click here perfectly smooth skin appearance.

Timer Set a timer to allow hands-free recordings.

When you press on the Record icon, you’ll be greeted with an escalating 3-2-1 countdown before when you begin recording.

3. Edit, record, and preview each clip

While recording your record, you’ll notice a progress bar that appears right at the very top to aid you in staying within the time limit.

After you’ve finished recording, press preview on the lower right-hand corner of the display.

Be aware that Reels permits you to join clips you make new or upload to your gallery, which means you can include them also

When you click on preview, you’ll have more editing options in addition to the initial options if you did not choose these before recording.

The audio controls can be adjusted: change the camera’s audio, and add music (if you didn’t previously).

  • Voiceover : Record audio on the video.
  • Pen: Draw lines or scribbles or write anything
  • Text overlay text shades
  • Alignment: Align the objects in the previous video before recording the next one to make smooth transitions between scenes, such as changing clothing or the appearance of new characters in the video.

4. Make your reel public

After recording and editing all your clips, click the “Share to” button to the lower right (as shown above). You’ll then be presented with an editing screen. You can select the cover, type in captions, add hashtags, and finally upload your Reels.

Edit video clips within the Reel application itself, or you can use other video editing software in case you wish to be extremely imaginative using it. If you have to plan your reels for release, it is possible to use platforms such as Later or similar to have your content scheduled ahead instead of directly within the application. Here are a few more suggestions to use Instagram Reels for business.

1. Use Closed Captions and Music

Every time you play music, the music on your Reel is exposed to the particular song’s hashtag. It’s like hashtags but with the possibility of having more impact.

Also, since many users don’t have their music on when they scroll through Reels, it’s important to turn off the captions so that they can interact without sound.

2. Note relevant accounts

The practice of tagging other accounts is click here strongly advised in the Instagram world. It increases the reach of your content when you post your content to another account and the possibility for them to publish your content to their followers.

This technique can be applied to regular Instagram posts, too.

3. Push Reels into your feed

You can publish your Reel using Reel. Most of the time, it’s best to publish your meal to ensure that your existing audience will be able to engage with you. It will also help you create more content and increase the visibility of your page.

4. Recycle old posts and stories and turn them into Reels

A large part of the content creation community click here uses senior levels and bases to create 15-30 seconds videos for Instagram reels. If, for instance, you recently went to a new location for work or have photos from a project you recently finished, you could combine the photos in one video.

5. You can upload the videos you’ve made on TikTok video clips to Reels

Did you post your video on TikTok? You could post that identical video to your Instagram Reels, too! Make sure that it’s the 30-second versions of these videos (TikTok allows for 60 seconds) Or, you could chop the 60-second video into two Reels, but only when it’s logical to cut it in two.

6. Include titles in your Reel cover images

When someone clicks on your Reels tab, Make it simple to choose which Reel they would like to view. Titling your Reels will also give your Instagram followers an idea of the type of content you share. Useful tips? Emotional landscapes? Culture of the company?

Instagram Reels ideas and examples for companies

There are many ways to connect with potential customers on Instagram, such as posting videos, stories, IGTV, and now Reels. Here are some methods businesses use Instagram Reels to express, inform and entertain.

7. Make a video of yourself, giving suggestions

You can offer five quick tips, a more extensive one, or a sneak peek of a longer one to follow. Take note of the keywords you want to target in your blog posts, FAQs for prospects and customers, and the other types of videos you have worked effectively in social media click here advertising campaigns. It’s amazing how much content you can generate in answering questions that your customers have asked you regularly.

8. Send customer testimonials or success stories.

Make those who are your loyal buyers make the 15-30 second video about why they enjoy working with your company. Reviews always be a hit for social networks, especially video content such as Instagram Reels.

9. Create Bloopers Reel from your Reel Bloopers

Who doesn’t love bloopers? People enjoy getting to know the person in front of the camera. Make use of humor to show the light aspect of your image and boost the engagement of your social media channels as well.

10. Feature your employees

Let your employees join in the enjoyment! Each week, you can highlight an employee by sharing their favorite things doing for the company or what they like about their work and sharing their suggestions from their area of expertise. People want to feel connected with the people they deal with. Additionally, it’s an ideal opportunity to showcase the values that define your company.

11. Provide useful checklists

Did you create your own company? click here What were the most successful strategies for marketing you employed to increase your profits? The possibilities are endless. Many content creators have options listed out and will indicate them as they move across the screen. However, if you don’t like this, You can also take an index card and look over the specifics of your subject.

12. Create before and after Reels

If you’re a service-oriented company, it will be simple. Don’t forget to take some pictures before starting the project/maintenance/job.

13. Encourage another business

You can promote an adjacent small business, or if you’re a B2B firm, you could highlight your customers. Shopify uses this strategy in the following example by highlighting the landscaping company owned by a woman, a small business that became viral.

14. Send messages of encouragement and quick responses

One easy method is to take some inspirational quotes from your company. You can either turn your camera on and read these inspirational quotes or close caption them with a beautiful animated background. One application I’ve personally used that has been extremely useful is Subtitles – Captions Mix for Video. Captions Mix. It has saved me a lot of time writing out what I’m saying.

15. The benefits of joining your email list, and explain how they can join.

Excellent cross-promotion strategy. Do your subscribers get exclusive deals? Early access? In a draw? Find more email signups using your Reels.

Note: reviews

16. Tutorials or product highlights

Highlight what makes your company unique by creating Reels for every service or product your company provides. Visit your product or service pages and let the fun begin! Or, teach your customers how to be the ultimate users.

17. Explain how to write a review

Focus on the website you require assistance on (i.e., Google, Yelp, Facebook). Try to be funny in this case. Be careful not to annoy overly, but tell your followers that you would like to hear their opinions about their experience.

18. Run a Reels contest

Create a Reel and ask your followers to make a Reel about a subject you like and use the same audio as your Reel. Then, post it using a customized hashtag. Make sure you follow the same top guidelines to run Instagram giveaways!

Utilize the following Instagram Reels concepts to communicate the message, teach, or entertain

If you’ve got some ideas and know-how to create Reels, now is the time to be creative and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget, and you don’t need to complete all of this by yourself. Use the people around you to provide creativity and input. You’ll be amazed at the people willing to assist by asking.

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