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How we Increase Sales using Custom Hairspray Boxes

by Joshua4u

We all remember the days when we used the same packaging boxes for every product. And we used that to protect our products from external harm such as dust. We always like to modify and update the existing product. In this way, we try to find perfection. And the same goes for packaging boxes. The first packaging box was introduced in England in 1817. But soon, we try to modify our custom hairspray boxes into different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. We also tried various printing techniques for a charming look. But who would have thought that we could even use a box for marketing purposes?

Yes, you heard right. Now the packaging boxes are getting used for promotional purposes to not only promote the products. But also the brand.

Every company has adopted a different approach for such purposes. Some companies like to use traditional methods. And use billboards, pamphlets, and social media to promote their brand. But some companies are practicing the cost-effective approach. And are using their packaging boxes for multiple purposes.

Do you want to start a business but have a limited budget? Want to give a wholesome appearance to your simple packaging boxes? Do you want to impress your regular clients and want to target new customers?

In this article, we would be discussing how we can effectively and efficiently use our packaging boxes. And would also be discussing some efficient ways to customize our packages.

Increase Sales using Hairspray Boxes:

We could increase our sales by representing our products professionally using custom hairspray boxes. Who would ever want to purchase a product whose box looks substandard and tedious? Customers always get attracted to something unique, colorful, and bold. And to do so, we must customize our packages accordingly.

1- Study the Product And Your Customers:

First of all, we would need to understand our product and clients. Study your product’s feature and what makes your piece unusual? Compare your product to a similar item of another brand. And note down the unique features. Do not forget to imprint those features on your packaging box. Choose the right fonts and make sure they are readable.

Get to know what your clients want to see. Imprint the design, pattern, and theme accordingly. Each client would have different preferences. And that is why you could customize your same product’s packaging with different themes.

2- By customizing the Box with Suitable Colors:

Choosing the right color is the most troublesome job. An amateur designer would never know which color to use and how it could affect our product. While using multi-colors, make sure that these pigments collude. Otherwise, our packaging box could look horrible. Use a bold and matte color for a luxurious and elegant look. And in this way, we do not have to worry about the look of your package. By overlapping the box with lamination, we could give it a shiny look.

3- By Customizing the Box with the Brand’s Theme:

Every brand has a theme. That theme defines the product and the brand. Whenever we walk through an aisle, we recognize a product because of its branding. Have you ever wondered would you get to know about a product without its packaging? Branding helps us to differentiate various products. And it even allows us to judge a product. And in this way, we decide whether the selected item would be beneficial to us or not. So it is safe to say that branding affects our sales.

4- Customize Hairspray Boxes With The Brand’s Logo:

The trademark of a brand plays a vital role in our sales. A customer would never purchase a product if it does not have a logo on it. These are the days when people are getting more conscious about hair products. Whenever there’s an event, we wish to bring change in ourselves. Hairspray usage has increased drastically. Like another cosmetic product, hairspray has become a necessity.

We can also increase our sales by using a hairspray box by imprinting the box with the brand’s slogan. A slogan gets used in advertisements to promote the product. It is a short, catchy line that attracts viewers easily. Imprint this moto alongside the logo. Use the right fonts and arrange the statements carefully. Make sure that your packaging box looks professional after adjusting all the factors.

Customizing using Various Methods:

Here are some printing techniques that can give a unique look to our packaging cases. And they can also help us to increase our sales.

1- Digital Printing:

Digital Printing is a printing technique in which we use the web icon from the internet. We can download any file from the internet. Or we can draw any design by using any software. This printing technique is well all around the world because it is quick and cost-effective.

2- Screen Printing:

In screen printing, we use a mesh to smear the ink around the facade of hairspray boxes. In this printing method, we use a water-based ink that has a low viscosity. This type of ink is difficult to handle. And we would need to use blocking pieces of equipment. And in this way, we can implement a precise design onto our package.

3- Engraving: Custom Hairspray Boxes

Engraving is a method in which we carve out the surface of a packaging box. And after that, we can fill the card of space with any metalized for any pigment. Such printing methods give a unique and elegant look to the custom printed Hairspray Boxes.

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