Intelligent Locker Systems

Moving-in day on college campuses is a very distinct experience from the days of the past. When cars stuffed packed with boxes with everything students must study and have fun while in school. Today, everything that students require at home away from home has become easier. With the ease to shop online and delivery services such as Amazon Prime or Google Express, students interested, and ordering more. This implies one thing for university mailrooms – plenty of packages.

What Students Face While Ordering and Shipping Process?

The ordering and shipping process is the most straightforward step. The process of getting the package into the hands of students — also commonly known as “the last mile” – it can be a problem for both the institutions as well as their pupils.

How Intelligent Locker Systems Has Changed Students’ Lives?

Student residents make piles of packages every day. Make sure your staff focused on their student lives and free of managing the packages by Intelligent Locker Systems. If you Campus Mail Services organization delivers packages to students in your community

To allow students who are on campus to receive a package into one of the parcel lockers, assigned a district to their address for mailing. The district is in contact with the locker company that will ensure the package will be ready to pick up. Based on Universities experienced, there is an increase each year for the last 10 years with regards to the delivery of packages within their facilities. 

Announcing a Better Method

Universities across the nation are looking for solutions that make use of parcel lockers, also known as intelligent parcel lockers, which is a faster, more reliable , and convenient method of getting packages to students.

To prevent the crowds of students eager to receive their books simultaneously, institutions are switching to Intelligent Locker solutions for their instant notification and efficient automation.

With Intelligent Locker Systems:

• These parcels sent to an area for receiving packages on campus.

• If they wish student can visit the Intelligent Locker Systems, and then enter their access code to the locker. By unlocking the locker, and then retrieving their belongings.

• Moreover, after sorting process, each and every package given a unique barcode.

• A text or email message is automatically sent to the student informing that they’ve got an item. The notification also includes an unique access code as well as the locker number which is contained in the package.

• Packages easily delivered to a main bank of lockers on the campus. Or a collection of lockers within the dorms of students.

• Also parcels scanning is necessary before placed inside an Intelligent Locker. Once inside, the locker security is guarrenty.


If campuses flooded with the parcels students must stand in long lines to get mailroom hours. And check repeatedly with staff in the mailroom to check the status of one package. They can go for Intelligent Locker Systems. This is a waste of time for students and puts stress on staff in the mailroom and could make it difficult for students. To access the items they need to be able to live and learn during their time at school.

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