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How to hire a successful Content Marketer

There is so much focus on the content creation these days those digital marketers have to hire expert content developers to meet their SEO needs. Content marketing process is not simple that requires great deal of skill and regular content posting on various social channels. So many marketers are still struggling with the content marketing strategy and finding a way to balance it with their SEO tactics. If you think that content marketing and content creation are two names of the same thing, then you have been seriously misled. The focus of content marketing is not on creating bulk of content and putt on your blog or website; it requires a complete strategy that is only reflected in the work of expert content marketers in Pakistan.

As you focus towards having a great content on your website that is necessary for improving its ranking on Google, the wise choice would be to choose a content marketing company or an expert professional who can know and implement the game of all aspects of content marketing. This is why we are providing you the best information in this post to choose a right content marketing company to meet your business goals in 2020.

Here is the list of few strategies that a best content marketing company in Pakistan can incorporate in their work to boost your business effectively.

They Focus on Overall Content Strategy

There is a wrong notion believed by people that more you create the content, the less you need to create it. It all begins with the content strategy of the company you hire for your SEO and content marketing needs. Before a company does anything with the content, the professionals need to be clear about various aspects of content marketing which include:

  • Audience research: Who you’re talking to.
  • Journey mapping: What you’re trying to get them to do.
  • Channel selection: Where and how you’re reaching them.
  • Topic selection: What you’re talking to them about.
  • Project management: How your team will get it all done.

In addition to all these strategies, the content marketing company must also know how to perfectly optimize your content. Building a content marketing strategy can be easier when you hire Pakistan’s top-rated companies such as SEO.COM.PK or Elink Solutions. These reliable digital content marketing experts know what strategy they need to build according to your specific content needs. Therefore, we recommend never hire a company that ignores all the above aspects of content marketing.

Content Creation is Different from Content Marketing

Once you know that a best company in Pakistan is ready to create your content, you must know that this task is more than just creating the content. Because content creation and development is a most time-consuming and daunting task, it can never be done without proper planning.

Pakistan’s top digital marketing expert Rizwan Zahid says that when you don’t take time to research the topic and clients requirements, you are putting so less effort into creating the relevant content that gets you a winning result. This shows that researching content formats is vital according to client’s requirements; the best content marketers tackle content marketing projects with great skill and take small steps to research instead of creating valueless content.

They Optimize your Content Perfectly

Content without optimization is useless and has no value for your websites to generate leads of customers. The video or text cornet must be discoverable by your target users; this shows that in between the process of creating the content and publishing it, there is great need for optimizing the content that can help to enhance the journey of buyers.

If you’re trying to generate leads, that means making sure you have lead gen forms in the right spots, promoting the right offers. However, if you are trying to increase the traffic on the website using search engine optimization, the content requires optimization through keywords that are most relevant to your content. This is the reason, the content marketing gurus in Elink Solutions focus on double checking the content optimization before it goes on the website live.

Content Distribution

Once the best SEO Company optimizes, creates, and develops your content, it is ready to get published so that people can know about your brand. Rizwan Zahid speaks from his experience, “it does not matter that your website is generating organic traffic and people are able to discover it on Google, you still need to make significant efforts into content distribution to speed up the things. We want to spend time on things such as sharing the content on social media; emailing the content to the list of readers, and also sending it to all the influential individuals who are interested in reading it.