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How To Make Your Venus Strong?

by astroved

The Influence Of Venus According To House

Venus’ direct influence varies according to its Planetary position in different houses of the horoscope. It can be positive or negative. If Venus is weak in any particular house, the following remedies can make it stronger: 

1st House: If a weak Venus occupies the first house of your horoscope, avoid getting married before 25 years. Giving donations and doing good deeds can help. Donate wheat to the needy on Fridays. Major decisions should be taken only after consulting people who genuinely care about you. Perform Gau Daan and Kanya Daan, which are said to be the biggest daans in the world, if possible.

2nd House: If Venus is weak in the second house, do work related to the soil like gardening, farming, etc. Consuming honey, saunf, or masoor dal will also be beneficial. If you wish to launch a new business, cosmetics or fashion garments will be profitable.

3rd House: If Venus is weak in the third house, you should take care of your maternal uncle’s wife. This will help you overcome laziness. Try to improve your relationship with your spouse and give respect to them. This will give you many benefits in life.

4th House: If Venus is weak in the fourth house, you should not take any drugs. Maintaining a daily journal can be of help. On Fridays, throw chana dal and turmeric into a well. You may do well in the police or army.

5th House: If Venus is weak in the fifth house, your married life will be successful only with your parents’ consent. Feed and take care of a cow. Also, donate ghee and sugar to temples.

6th House: If Venus is weak in the sixth house, donate rice, milk, ghee as well as gur. Keep a silver metal ball with you always.

7th House: If Venus is weak in the seventh house, take good care of your parents as well as a red-colored cow. Your wife should not wear blue-colored clothes as it is inauspicious for you.

8th House: If Venus is weak in the eighth house, avoid getting married before 27 years. At the time of marriage, donate a cow. Maintain good relationships with your parents and siblings for better results.

9th House: If Venus is weak in the ninth house, put some silver at the gate of your house. Take care of a red-colored cow, if possible. Avoid getting married before 25.

10th House: If the Venus is weak in the tenth house, donate almonds to temples on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are facing many problems, donate a black cow.

11th House: If Venus is weak in the eleventh house, donate a cow if there are problems in getting married or in your marital life. You should also donate milk and yogurt to temples.

12th House: If Venus is weak in the twelfth house, either take care of a cow or donate one. Your wife, too, should make donations to strengthen your Venus. 

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