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How to Use Godaddy Email Login Account

by amarawalker61

Godaddy webmail has been growing its popularity among personal brand holders towards a peak. A lot of entrepreneurs, startup owners and businessmen had been relying on Godaddy to set up a professional email account. At Godaddy you can buy your desirable hosting domain for your website, have the accessibility of all the calendar apps and syncing of contacts to any device. Godaddy creates a professional brand image among your clients by providing your name domain, like name@yourdomain.com.

Recently GoDaddy has shaken hands with Microsoft 365, which jumped its feature from not only creating a brand image but also giving all the benefits related to Microsoft 365 such including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, special subscription offers to several software and much more.  

Godaddy showers of benefits don’t end here, there is a countless feature that GoDaddy provides to their users but to be blessed with these features and benefits, one must have to create an account on GoDaddy email.

If you are looking for the whole process of GoDaddy email signup, GoDaddy email login with other features, then you have landed at the right place

This is a whole guide on how to access GoDaddy and what is the procedure to create an account and login into Godaddy email.

GoDaddy email login

  1. Choose the regular browser like chrome and enter the link 


    1. Press enter
    2. You’ll be taken to the page “Go daddy email login Page’’
    3. Enter all the asked information to the sign-in page, such as your username/customer ID/password. Make sure all the details you entered matched the exact one during registration on GoDaddy.
  • If you want yourself to be signed up to your GoDaddy account always, then tick the “keep me signed in on this device”. If the device on which you operate your GoDaddy account is the same one and you want to avoid the mess and time consumption of login every time, then it is recommended to tick on this option.
  1.  Now just hit on the “sign-in” button to finish the task, and there you go with your GoDaddy account accessibility.

Godaddy login email for app version

  1. Go to your GoDaddy mobile app version home page
  2. There will be an icon of a person, click on it 
  3. Under registered users, select sign in 
  4. Now enter your username or customer number, password 
  5. Check the details you fill
  6. Hit on a sign in button 

If you want you can also sync your godaddy account with Google or facebook as option given below.

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