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How would be Smartphones in 2017?

by Murarish
How would be Smartphones in 2017?

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives now and we make our work easy and fun but have you imagined what would be these smartphones like in 2017? Read review.


Then you haven’t tried virtual reality yet because today flagship phones can give you a decent VR experience. And smartphone makers need to advance today’s flagship phone design to the next level because if they can’t deliver the real sense of experience then it would be tough to connect people. How would be Smartphones in 2017?

Both android and ios are reaching platform maturity and large market of the world there should be given a reason for upgradation and VR is enough to satisfy this requirement.

“If we get the technology right in mobile, the same technology can be used in lots of other applications,”

You will see a drastic change in the market soon because this is a very strong speculation that smartphone might end and VR take up the whole market. So guys get update with our latest technical reviews for more and never forget to put your own reviews. How would be Smartphones in 2017? Please leave your comment.

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