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Latest Review about How Pokemon Go went viral, Know Why?

by Murarish

How Pokemon Go went viral, Know Yourself?

How Pokemon Go went viral has a reason ,So we might have run inside the men’s comfort room today. No, it wasn’t like the ladies’ room was full and we had an emergency. But we had to go in there- to collect a Pokemon. Because we want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Such is the dilemma faced by Pokémon Go players around the world.
For those who don’t know about How Pokemon Go went viral  (because you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past two decades), Pokémon, short for Pocket Monsters, is a Nintendo franchise that started out as virtual game in 1998 approx and became a popular Youtube series that shows a world where these creatures live. The players act as ‘trainers’; they have to catch the Pokémon and train them for battles against other trainers.

The draw of Pokémon

The free-to-play augmented reality game actually getting you off your seats and running around finding Pokémon. Latest Review about How Pokemon Go went viral, Know Why? | The game transforms your current surrounding into a fantastical world inhabited by Pokémon. How? It accesses your camera and Locators to place its animated figures in your space.

You’re the trainer and your smartphones like the glasses that lets you see nearby Pokemon.

With the launch of Pokémon GO, old and new Pokémon fans like myself are happy because to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. We get to finally travel across the land, Looking far and wide (okay okay, I’ll stop! But admit it, you were singing it too) – and that too literally!  I just had to. By growing up on Pokemon! I’ve played most of the Pokémon games out there, from cards to virtual games, but this one’s different. The draw of Pokémon Go is that it gets me up and moving around, not just resting at one place with a joypad. Who’d have thought that all you needed to be a trainer of Pokemon  was a good internet connection and Locators.

 Know Why This is like ?

Twenty minutes in, I was hooked
The game is simple in terms of gameplay; your smartphone shows you if there is a Pokemon nearby and you have to go to that Place, and your trainer character moves as you do. Once you see a Pokémon, you try to catch it by throwing a Poké ball with the flick of your finger. How Pokemon Go went viral, The more Pokémon you catch, the larger your collection and the more you level up as a trainer. You can train your Pokémon, have them battle for you and even trade it with other trainers.

Pokémon Go has not officially been launched in United state, but that’s only the first of the challenges of playing the game here. But Pokemon Go also has its own charm of playing it in United state. I have friends traveling to Seaview to find water-based Pokemon (Locators does that too, the Pokemon you find will vary with your Place) and a park near a cousin’s place is a ‘gym’ so he has been very comfortable with his friends and family because we all need to train there.

I made a trip to the mall and noticed many kids playing around, staring WITH their smartphones and, knowing what they were up to, I asked them why they came there. But some them decided to go with their family’s shopping trip. Good job Pokemon, you’re bonding families together!

Here’s a little news flash. This is Nevada. Not really the most walking-with-your phone ,friendly place in the world. And since it is augmented virtual reality, your Locator uses landmarks and turns them into Pokestops.

Poke’mon Go, everything you should know

Latest Review about How Pokemon Go went viral, Know Why?

Another frustration of playing the game in United state? People don’t understand why the error you want to dart into their personal spaces with your smartphone out. We have seen many begging the manager of a restaurant to let him. In the house  because there was a Snorlax in there. Another almost went inside public places because it was showing as a pokestops.


The term “meme”, coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene, refers to an idea, behaviour or style that propagates across culture, just as a successful gene spreads through a population.

Internet memes pervade the web in a similar way. Carried via text, images or videos, the idea (often a quip or funny observation) is replicated by being shared and reposted, transforming over time to spawn hundreds of thematic variants.

well established cultural icon

Memes are a staple of social media, loved by some, but a nuisance to others. Log into Facebook, and you’ll likely find people sharing images of “Drake sitting on things” or video remixes of “Sad” Ben Affleck silently contemplating lukewarm reviews of Batman vs Superman. Occasionally, meme replication hits a bad mass. Borrowing again from biological terminology, they go “viral”.

Internet memes can certainly be entertaining. Yet these snapshots of pop culture have a most important use. They provide the kind of pervasive promotion that can catapult films, games, and literature into craze status. Today we see this theory in play with Pokémon Go, and not just with memes that celebrate the franchise. Social media sites are awash with funny posts that poke fun at the game, and its players, from all angles.

Pokémon is a well prepared cultural icon, and this kind of user-generated content ensures it remains visible even without the addition of a popular new game to the franchise. Appreciating this, Niantic side-stepped any major marketing blitz for Pokémon Go, safe in the knowledge that nostalgia would amply feed the meme.


how user-generated content

The profile-raising power of the Internet meme is perfect. Memes such as “Rick-rolling” (where seemingly unrelated weblinks point users to a video of 80s pop star  demonstrating how user-generated content can revitalise stars, and in some cases breathe life into commercial flops.

Have the film Vampire’s Kiss, which grossed only Thirty two Percent of its $2 million budget in 1989. Nicolas Cage’s unrestrained  performance fuelled the highly popular “You Don’t Say” meme, sparking renewed interest in the title. Vampire’s Kiss is now considered by some to be a cult film.


The viral potential of memes is naturally attractive in marketing But but their unpredictability is problematic. Who knew that a fist-pumping baby or ivory-tinkling feline would make such an effect on social media?

To negate risk, brands tend to piggyback off on going memes. This approach, called “memejacking”, is bold and brash, but can work wonders – as Sesame Street marketers will tell you.


The TV show surfed a wave of parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2011 single, Call Me Maybe, with its video featuring the Cookie Monster sharing treats with office workers. The parody, “Share It Maybe”, proved very well known for the franchise, racking up over 20m views to date on its official YouTube Channel.


To a network of ardent Pokémon fans, addition of one (rather aggrandising) game trailer. Throw then into the mix the screen capture capabilities of smartphone and tablet devices. And you have all the fuel needed to get the meme-train rolling.

And rolling it is. Two weeks after US release, Pokemon Go regularly secures the number 1 slot in Know Your Meme’s “top image gallery” chart and parody versions of the game pervade social media.


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