Look Fabulous With Elmas Chiffon Velvet Collection for Women

Sifona offers many different styles and designs to fit your fashion need. Elmas Chiffon Velvet Collection- One of the signature collections at Sifona is the Elmas chiffon velvet collection for women. The collection offers unique contemporary designs, with each design having a voice of its own. The color palette used is flawlessly hand-picked with colors that would look good on every skin tone this collection is intensely diverse. Sifona puts it into consideration that every individual has a different body; this is why the collection is available stitched as well as unstitched.

Make a Statement

Elmas velvet collection offers beautiful ethereal designs that are fit for royalty. ECV-07 recognized as regal beauty is truly breathtaking with pale gold and silver embroidery and bead-work on extravagant quality black Bamber chiffon shirt, paired with perfectly dyed raw silk trouser. That is not all; to go hand in hand with the richness of this fabric it is paired with an exquisite black velvet shawl with metallic embellishment to complement the shirt. This fabric is only a small part of what Sifona has to offer.

One of the best things about this collection is the shawl; it can entirely change the outfit depending on how you wear it. The shawl does not take away from the beauty of the sophisticated fabric, it adds to it. The clothes in this collection do not require a certain season, depending on the weather outside you just have to style the shawl differently. If it’s Pakistan’s heat you can’t vibe with just pin the shawl to your back, and if it is chilly where you live just throw the shawl over your shoulder like a cover-up and there you have it. Two completely different looks in the same clothes.

Elmas Chiffon Velvet Collection For Women
Elmas Chiffon Velvet Collection For Women

Celebrate With Sifona

With Covid-19 interrupting our day to day life you might ask yourself ‘what’s the point of getting new clothes if you don’t get to show them off’.at Sifona we believe celebrations are important because they make us thankful for who we are and what we have. We look around a room and all we see are the people we love the most. During this global pandemic, celebrations are not something people are enjoying. Teen’s getting irritated by their families, parents getting mad for no reason just because everybody is tired of being cooped up together.

Events such as an anniversary, a birthday, Eid which can’t be delayed should be celebrated. Being dressed up and looking in the mirror and loving how you look is important because that is what makes you feel good, and when you feel good you radiate that positive energy, and being in your house for over 100 days suddenly doesn’t feel boring. For reasons like these Sifona offers home delivery because they understand the importance of celebrating.

Your health is important and in difficult times like this, every moment is special and deserves a celebration. Know your importance and the importance of the moments you share with your loved ones. Celebrate with Sifona.

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