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No-Lye Relaxer – How To Choose the Best One?

by Foester Pamela
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The reason you want a gentle treatment for your scalp is that it can’t hurt you. Do you have fine hair? If so, it’s easy to see why you might want a gentle treatment.

When you have thinning hair, the skin on your scalp looks dry. You know it’s a problem when you use your shampoo every day and then you’re still looking at your mirror and seeing thinning patches in your scalp.

Now, this isn’t something that most women with thinning hair are happy about. It’s one of those things you just don’t want to deal with, but it happens every day.

What’s a good thing about it is you can get Gentle Treatment No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer. They’re generally formulated to treat your skin, so there won’t be any skin irritation.

Gentle Treatment No Lye Relaxer Super

But if you choose a no-lye hair relaxer, you should make sure it’s the best one for your skin. The best no-lye relaxer for fine hair may not be the best for your fine hair.

Some of the better treatments for thinning hair come with a blend of ingredients that will help the problem hair texture. You can find them at salons or you can even make them yourself at home. They’ll usually be organic, which is great for you and good for the environment.

Here’s a look at how that skin problem that causes the hair to thin. I’ll give you the pros and cons of each one.

When you get shampoo, try applying warm water to your scalp to encourage circulation. This will help strengthen the follicles and make them healthier.

The best no-lye relaxer such as Gentle Treatment No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer for fine hair also contains medicated products to promote healthier hair. For example, silica, aloe, or a little zinc oxide can stimulate the follicles and re-establish healthier hair growth.

The bad thing about silica is that it’s going to make your scalp a little greasy. So you need to choose a no-lye relaxer that’s not oily.

Just as you need to choose a shampoo, you need to choose a treatment that contains natural substances. The best no-lye relaxer for thin hair is going to be Gentle Treatment No-Lye Relaxer that contains sea salt, silica, or a mix of both.

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The best treatments contain all-natural substances. Just because they may be more expensive, doesn’t mean you can’t find a good one.

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