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The Dos And Don’ts Of Waxing – 6 Things Expert Might Not Tell You

The first thing that we need to get right out of the way is the doubt. A lot of people think that waxing is not a great way to go because it is only going to lead to redness or irritation, inflammation, or perhaps some kind of infection. This is not true at all. Hair removal from roots which can be bikini line waxing or waxing your legs is going to give you long-lasting results. You do not have to shave your hair every third or fourth day. Because the hair is taken out from its roots, the hair growth that happens afterward is quite fine and softer as compared to what you had before. The same is the case with using an epilator but that is just a lot more painful and much slower. Without digressing any more, let’s give you a few do’s and don’ts of waxing right away:

1. Fix An Appointment When It Is Your First Time

If it is your first time getting pubic hair wax, it is always better to go to a professional salon or somebody in your close friends who have done it before. Dealing with wax whether it is hot or cold can be very messy and it is better to just choose a professional if it is your very first experiment with this kind of hair removal.

2. Do Not Shave Or Trim

It is not advised to trim or shave your legs or any other area that you want to get waxed. If you do that, the wax will not be able to hold on to the short hair strands which will make it difficult for you to remove them in the first place.

3. Maintain The Correct Length

Not shaving or trimming your hair is not the only prerequisite. You will have to maintain a certain length of your hair whether it is on your back, chest, or legs. Your beautician will be in a better position to suggest the length that you should keep before you show up for your waxing appointment.

4. Understand Your Skin Type

You will also have to understand your skin type. If it is too sensitive or maybe too prone to redness, waxing may not be the perfect option for you. You may be better off just trimming or shaving your hair regularly.

5. Do Not Use A Lot Of Lotions

It is never advised to use a lot of lotions or creams before you appear for your pubic hair wax session. These lotions and creams are only going to hinder the grip of the wax on your hair shafts.

6. Only Choose Soft Exfoliants

Also, you are not supposed to exfoliate your skin too much. The harder you exfoliate the more sensitive your skin is going to become. And you don’t want that, especially before your waxing session.


Going for pubic hair wax or bikini line hair removal is not going to be that difficult. And when it comes to developing a pain threshold, that is going to happen eventually.

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