The Impact of Covid-19 on Vape Industry

Since COVID-19 is a respiratory-based contagious disease, it presents itself to be a great threat to those people who smoke or vape on a regular basis. In fact, a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Chinese citizens who had a history of smoking were twice as more effected by COVID-19 as compared to those who did not smoke at all.

Exploiting COVID-19.

The wholesale E cigarette suppliers in THe UK industry has been misusing the COVID-19 pandemic to increase sales of vaping items, as indicated by an investigation from Stanford Medicine researchers.

The paper, distributed in BMJ Tobacco Control, examines the 300 plus pandemic themed advertisements to market vaping products.

The paper gives instances of advertisements that use vaping items as an approach to deal with the pressure of the pandemic. They use cool images to lure in their customers with slogans like “Stay at home & Vape.” Some vaping brands even give out free sanitizers or toilet paper with their e-cigarettes. 

“By linking e-cigarettes to the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers are implicitly, and at times explicitly, implying a health benefit of their products, the paper states how vaping causes damage to the lungs thus you become more susceptible to COVID-19.”

Vaping is a COVID-19 Risk.

While there is no data which exactly points the link between vaping to Covid-19, there is a 2019 British study that states how vaping causes severe injury to the lungs and reduces the immune system. This study shows that anyone with a history to vaping is more prone to getting COVID-19.

Before the effect of COVID-19 there was a rise of a mysterious illness called EVALI, which stands for e-cigarette use associated with lung injury. EVALI caused more than 2,800 to be hospitalized over the past year.

Link Between COVID-19 and Vaping.

The researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine published their results in the Journal of Adolescent Health. They wrote how their findings were so critical that it needs to bring urgency in the efforts by lawmakers, school authorities, communities, parents and emphasizing on educating young adults especially.

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