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Things a Sanitation Worker Can Teach You

by Joseph Dyson
A sanitation worker in a kitchen

The NYC Sanitation department caters to one of the most crucial functions of New York. However, it’s also the function that is overlooked the most.

Managing a city as big as New York isn’t easy. Sanitation workers are chosen based on their knowledge and skill through civil examination. The expertise of an NYC sanitation worker is often underrated. However, there are various things that a sanitation worker can teach you.

Here is a list of some of those things.

Learn to Keep The Area Clean

The primary responsibility of NYC’s sanitation department is to keep the city clean. This might not seem much big of a task for some, but you can have a better idea of this while cleaning a relatively much smaller place such as an attic or basement. Imagine collecting and disposing of all the garbage in New York each day. If you want to learn how to keep your surroundings clean, there is no better tutor for you than an NYC sanitation worker.

A sanitation worker disposing of garbage

Learn How to Keep the Sidewalk Infront of Your House and Your Street Clean

The second most crucial responsibility of the NYC sanitation department is the effective maintenance of streets and sidewalks. They can teach you the importance of clean and well-maintained sidewalks and streets, along with ways to keep them that way.

Learn How to Dispose of Your Trash

Trash disposal is one of those things that people ignore. It’s also one of those things that must be done. Sanitation workers are experts in collecting trash from your doorsteps and disposing of it carefully in a landfill, waste disposal center, or other permissible location. While spending time with a sanitation worker, one can quickly learn all there is to know about trash disposal.

Learn How to Deal with Wildlife Infestation

This includes eradicating and controlling pests with poison, traps, and other measures. Removal of dead animals from the streets, including pigeons, stray cats, and dogs, is also one of many responsibilities of a sanitation officer. If you want to control any animal infestation in your house or farm yourself, consulting a sanitation worker won’t be a bad idea after all.

Learn How to Stay Protected From The Elements

If not dealt with in time, pests and weeds can be harmful. Dealing with these natural elements includes removing and controlling debris, weeds, trash, and all the other things that may cause harm to people’s property or public health, especially in a place like New York, which is home to around 8 million people

Learn How to Remove Snow From Your Yard

The majority of New York citizens love snowy weather. Setting up a Christmas tree is not the only big chore affiliated with the cold months. People with big yards already know what it takes to clear all the snow from their yards. That’s why most people with huge yards wait until the end of the season to clear their yards. However, Sanitation workers clean snow off the roads every day for public safety and for us to get out and travel around the city. People who clear snow from their yards once or twice a year can indeed learn it from guys who clean it every single day throughout the winter season.

A sanitation worker clearing snow

Want to Join the Squad as an NYC Sanitation Officer?

People for whom just learning from a sanitation officer isn’t enough. Instead, they are opting to be sanitation officers themselves. It is mandatory to clear the NYC Sanitation exam. The exam has quite strict requirements. The eligibility criteria include:

  • The minimum age limit of 17 years six months
  • Securing a high school diploma
  • Having a commercial driving license

The next sanitation exam is expected in the year 2022. Salaries for NYC sanitation officers range from around $47,350 to around $89,350, excluding other benefits. The high demand for NYC sanitation officers’ jobs and limited seats make the competition even more formidable. It’s highly advisable to receive proper tutoring from a reliable preparatory school to get the job.


This blog’s author is Frank Portman, a senior sanitation officer in the NYC Sanitation Department. He also counsels young candidates opting for a career in civil services in New York. He prepared for his NYC civil service exams from  Civil Service Success. People who want to contact the school for further assistance can contact them here.

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