Top 5 Online Schools That Teaches Trading Courses

To trade forex or Foreign Exchange trading is the investment or trading of money made from the movement of currency rates in the financial market. These things are surely confusing especially to new traders, and that is totally normal. However, you must never let that confusion ruin your trading plans. Gaining knowledge in this field and finding the best trading platform to be used such as MetaTrader 5 should be given utmost importance. There’s really nothing much to worry about since there are now a lot of Forex trading courses online where you can find the most precise topics about currency exchange.

FX Academy

FX Academy is at the top of this list mainly because it covers a wide range of topics about Forex trading and it is also free of charge. Meaning, the education here will not add to your trading experience, perfect for new traders on a tight budget.

FX Academy offers free trading courses and other relevant topics about trading. Beginners will surely feel at ease with its lessons, starting from the introduction of the fundamentals of Forex trading down to the topics about the different types of trading, risk management used in trading, and the trading analysis that is very important in determining success in trading. Plus, the courses at FX Academy are being managed and taught by knowledgeable analysts.


Next on this list is a highly rated academy for Forex trading and its important topics. Udemy is known to cover important topics in Forex under an easy-to-digest format. You can find Live examples of trades throughout the platform after paying lifetime access of $129.99. You will be given access to some important articles and five-hour video content. There are 56 lectures in that 5 hours of video content which is taught by Forex Boat Training Academy’s Kirill Ememenko. There are now more than 70,000 students in the academy as of February 2021.

Investopedia Academy

Investopedia Academy is the best online academy for beginner traders since it has a combination of downloadable worksheets, live trade samples, and 60 video lessons. In this online academy for traders, courses are nicely polished and beginners will start learning how to analyze trades, tips on saving for trading costs, and how to read market patterns to determine trading opportunities. The instructor is John Jagerson who holds CMT and CFA designations. He has also written different books about investing on top of the online courses that he teaches. The price that you have to pay to be able to take the course is $199.

Forex Signals is known as the “Best for Direct Coaching” since it includes 24/7 access to different trading mentors, advanced materials used for trading, and the private community where you can get to know other traders on Slack. The pay per month is $97 while $297 is good for six months. If you want an annual subscription, you will be asked to pay $567.

Forex School Online

For online trading schools with the best value, Forex School Online is the best choice. This trading school has a combination of video lessons and a written lesson on how to trade forex that are free of charge. The courses here are very helpful especially for traders who are using MetaTrader 5as their trading platform.

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