Travel To The Land That Saw The Birth Of Tango Argentina

Travel to the land that saw the birth of tango: Argentina

Visitors are immersed in the culture of tango and the milongas of Buenos Aires.

Lianne Milton,

Some students’ fondness for tango and Louis Bianco’s passion for teaching dance has taken them to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and La Casa de María Tango, where they hone their skills and savor the culture of tango. The ages of the students at Bianco, owner of the Argentine Tango School in Little Rock, Arkansas, ranging from 45 to 75 years. The group arrives from the United States to Buenos Aires, where they put on special shoes and tango clothes, button up their double-breasted jackets and tilt their fedoras in just the right way, before heading to the milongas for a night of dancing or spending the day in the famous neighborhood of La Boca, known for its street tango dancers.

Lianne Milton, the photographer, met with Bianco, 70, and her students in Buenos Aires, where María Teresa López was the host at La Casa de María Tango. Lianne then shares her journey through her photographs.

Louis Bianco dance teacher and owner of Louis Bianco’s Argentine Tango School dances with María Teresa López


Louis Bianco dances with María Teresa López, host of La Casa de María Tango, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She directs tourist visits to rooms where the milongas dance.

“To wear a hat like this, you have to be a man. You have to know how to wear a hat. It is elegant. Women love it. It makes people notice you, “says Bianco. “In tango, the shoes, the double-breasted jacket, the hat, [it’s not only] like playing a role, but you are also that role.” His hat transports him to that time and that role, which brings back memories of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, which he calls “the apogee of tango”.

Bianco, a professional ballroom dancer, started dancing 25 years ago. In 2004, he learned to dance the tango in Buenos Aires and included it in his repertoire of ballroom dancing. After years of instruction in Argentina, he began to teach tango to his students.

The group leaves a tango club in Buenos Aires where tango milonguero performed that night.


The group leaves a tango club in Buenos Aires where they dance in the style of milongas. “Dancing keeps me healthy and young, and I am excited about it,” says Louis Bianco.

During the Vietnam War, Bianco served as a combat soldier whose job was to detonate mines. That patience and self-confidence allow him to dance the tango and other ballroom dances with great grace, and are manifested in his teaching style as a dance teacher.

Tango dancers dance for tourists in the streets and cafes.


Tango dancers dance for tourists in the streets and cafes of La Boca.

The Argentine tradition of street dance of tango has its origins in La Boca. This port neighborhood was the first point of entry for immigrants and ships arriving from Europe. Tango is not only a musical expression and a dance, but it can also be a way of living. In Buenos Aires, tango does not remain as a memory: it changes with each generation and the trends and emotions of each era influence it.

Carina Mele guides Phil Principe


Dance teacher Carina Mele demonstrates how to use the body to guide safely. Guide Phil Principe, a Little Rock student, to María Tango, a residence for traveling tango dancers in Buenos Aires.

While dancing the tango, dance teacher Carina Mele teaches Kathleen Currie the posture necessary to maintain solidity and balance.


Kathleen Currie, 68, of Little Rock, learns how to use the pose while dancing the tango to focus and balance.

Carina Mele, an Argentine dance teacher for Kathleen Currie in Buenos Aires, has been dancing for 20 years and teaching for 15. She is a teacher at La Casa de María Tango. The Harley Davidson Leather Jackets Clearance consider that the dance is like a warm hug. A tanguera says: “Tango produces the hug so that your heart can dance. It is sensual, not sexual. ”

Phil Principe lets himself be convinced by a tango dancer on the street to dress up in tango clothes and pay to have his picture taken.


Young tango dancers dance for tourists and encourage them to participate in the dance in the port neighborhood of La Boca.

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