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What is a pedicab?

by sam3352

A Pedicab or a “bicycle rickshaw” looks like a tricycle which is used as a taxi or municipal touring means of transport. It allows only a couple of passengers to get in. The passenger compartment is usually covered by a folding top, while a driver seat is always uncovered. This transport is set into motion by a driver spinning the pedals. That is not easy but environment-oriented.

Urban Sign and Print suggests to use this exotic transportation device as an advertising medium and place the ad right on the windows and folding top of its passenger compartment. That will bring a much larger number of target customers and increase your sales. Just visit the site https://urbanpedicabs.com/‌‌ to find out more about the opportunities a pedicab delivers. We suggest you print any appropriate ad on the cabin of the pedicabs.

Advantages of a pedicab

Why is a pedicab so popular within the nation?

  • First of all, it is not typical. Its particular construction attracts attention.
  • This is an environmentally friendly vehicle which does not emit exhaust gases as any other cars do.
  • It is quite convenient providing a shed for passengers protecting them from rain and a stream of sun.
  • It cannot develop velocity and go as fast as traditional modern cars can, that is why passengers are able to view the sights.
  • This is a fully functional public transport vehicle but the drivers usually take on the role of tour guides and tell interesting stories.

As you see there are plenty of advantages of a pedicab making it a popular vehicle. It is in demand with native persons and guests of San Diego. There is no regulation‌ as to advertisements on such transport means, thus, you will not pay too much for such a brilliant opportunity to promote your idea.

The reasons to choose us 

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  9. The delivery costs not too much and is carried out as soon as possible.

Our services are not focused on this item only. You can place an order for printing of various products like banners, banner stands, stickers, yard signs, and more. Here we do our best to meet the customers’ expectations. That said, you can count on a wide variety of custom options. Urban Sign&Print is definitely a perfect place in the city to print your ad on the cabin of a pedicab‌ in San‌ Diego ‌if you’re looking for online printing. Have you got any questions? Please, contact us to get a professional consultation.

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