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3 Steps to Get Your Fb Videos/Reels Download Instantly

To save the FB video on your device, you just need to follow these simple steps that will allow you to download the reel in a very short tim

Facebook Videos Reels Download is a new feature that allows you to download videos from Facebook onto your computer. This is a great way to save videos that you find interesting or want to share with others. The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download Facebook videos to your computer. This can be a useful way to save videos that you find on Facebook so that you can watch them later or share them with others. There are a few different ways to do this, and we will go over each one.

Facebook is a popular social networking site that allows users to share photos, videos, and updates about their lives. The site also includes a feature called Facebook Reels, which allows users to create and share short video clips. While Facebook Reels is a great way to share life updates with friends and family, there is no easy way to download these videos. This tutorial will show you how to download Facebook Videos Reels using a simple online tool.

You can’t download Facebook videos or reels directly from your account to the device. There is an option for just saving the reels in your account and watching them when you get online.

So what if you have to share the reels with anyone or do you want to keep the video on your device? Is there any option for it?

Yes! Multiple options can be applied for it like mobile applications, system software, or an online tool.

However, if we talk about the best way of downloading reels, it would definitely be an online FB reels saver.

The reason is that you don’t have to bother a lot while saving videos online. There are just simple 3 steps that you need to follow and the reel will be saved on your device.

Here we are going to talk about the steps that you need to follow for downloading the reel or story in your system.

Easy Guide to Download FB Reels Using Online Tool

Follow this three-step procedure and the video will be saved on your device instantly.

  • Paste the URL

Open the tool on your browser and here you will see the URL box. Paste the link to the video that you want to download.

  • Select the Quality

Now the tool will ask you for selecting the quality of the video that you want to keep. Select the resolution of the reel, i.e. 1080p, 720p, 480p, 320p, etc.

  • Hit Download Button

Once you are done with selecting the quality of the video, hit the download button and the file will be saved in your device in the next few seconds.

Features of Online FB Video Saver

Till now, we have discussed the pattern that you need to follow for downloading Facebook videos on your device.

In this section, we are going to tell you some amazing features that you can get while using an online FB video saver. Let’s have a look at these features.

  • No installation

You don’t have to install the online FB video downloader on your device. Just open the tool on the browser and paste the URL of the reel that you want to download.

  • Easy to use

The working process of an online FB video saver is very simple. You just have to follow some simple steps that will help you in transferring the reel from the account to the device.

  • Completely free

All the features you get in an online FB video saver are free to use. There is no need to pay for downloading the reels on your device. Just open the tool and paste the link to save the video.

  • Maintain video quality

Online FB video saver makes sure to maintain the actual quality of the video. The reel you save in the system will be of the same resolution that you see online.

  • Accessible on every device

You can get access to this online tool on every device no matter what is its version or which operating system you are using. There is no restriction for using this tool on any device.

  • Secure to use

This online tool doesn’t save your information which makes it a more reliable option. When you leave the page, it instantly deletes all your data.


Facebook doesn’t allow you to download videos on your device. You can just save the reels in your account but can’t transfer them into the system directly.

For it, you will have to go for an online FB video saver that will assist you in downloading the reels on your device quickly.

You just need to follow a three-step procedure that will help you in saving the reel on your device.

Also, we have discussed the benefits that you can get with the help of an online FB video saver. Hope you enjoyed this article.

If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask them in the comment section.


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