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5 Innovative Smart Home Devices to Have In Your House

Our life is highly influenced by innovative and smart gadgets. Our homes are getting smarter with the help of these devices. The quality of our lives is also increasing as we start automating our homes. If you want your homes to be automated, you can call RMS Installs in Acworth GA right away. They are the best when it comes to smart home installation in Atlanta.

Today, let’s take a look at 5 innovative smart home devices that you must have in your homes:

Masdio Sunrise Amber Lamp

This lamp provides warm and soothing amber glow which creates a refreshing atmosphere to get a sense of peace and relaxation. The lamp is made up of amber resins which is crafted carefully with fine internal texture and layer details by using the same composition in natural one. The amber resin is molded into a half sun that emits rich color. The light rising from the base brightens the lamp like a warm sun. It radiates an ambient glow that will help you relax and meditate in peace. With simple effortless touch, users can control the light brightness and a single tap will wake up or shut down. It also has a built-in wireless charger which is fast charging enabled.


We are exposing a great deal of personal and sensitive information online. Meet Syfer, a smart electronic internet-based device that can protect you from any kind of cyber threats. Syfer encrypts your communication to make them private making the internet safer for your children. It protects your home and family from cyber criminals. Syfer detects and fends of malicious activity in real time. Syfer’s parental controls make the internet safer for the kids. It also restricts inappropriate content with real time website analysis. Unlink most VPN network, Syfer will not disrupt your online experience and it protects every device in your network.


Introducing Omisonic, the wireless ultrasonic washer, a better way to clean up the mess quickly. It is a washing machine for virtually cleaning anything including fruits, vegetables, delicate fabrics, jewelry, silverware and many other things. Inside Omisonic, there is a powerful ultrasonic motor. Simply soak and wash up to 4lbs of items in a single run. Once activated, Omisonic generates microscopic air bubbles in the water that collapse and free powerful jet streams that remove dirt and bacteria. Omisonic is wireless, just throw it inside a bag, in a suitcase or inside of your pocket.

Reolink IP Camera

Reolink C2 Pro is a wireless IP camera for your home security and to monitor your baby or your beloved pet. The camera is compatible with dual Wi-Fi band and can be installed anywhere without having to worry about any kind of signal loss. With 5MP camera, the C2 offers video streaming with extreme detail in stunning clarity and sharpness. This camera also has night vision so you can monitor your child at night. With built-in mic and speaker, you can listen and speak through the camera. The camera is capable of rotating quietly and smoothly. It is a great choice to monitor your home and office and offers great, affordable security solution.

Aspara Smart Indoor Garden

If you enjoy a healthy eating or care so much about your family’s eating habits, then Aspara is what you need. It is a hydroponic smart grower that helps you go fresh herbs and vegetables right on your kitchen countertop allowing you to grow anything, anytime, anywhere without soil. This innovative technology includes an adjustable LED grow light with variable spectrum for your plants at different growth stages. You can create a water flow with the automatic watering system as it also has built-in smart sensors that monitor detect and report growth conditions in the system.

Therefore, these innovative technologies can help build your smart home. They provide comfort, ease of use and makes life easier. If you want to install smart home at your home, contact RMS Installs in Acworth GA.


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