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Cycling Socks: Best Socks To Keep Your Feet Dry

If your commute is especially damp or you’re trekking through especially muddy terrain off-road, no cyclist wants wet feet. You can’t ride your bike with them because they’re cold, damp, and unbearably uncomfortable.

The following four waterproof cycling socks may be of interest to you if you’re looking for new ones, and we’ve run through some FAQs about them as well.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your feet toasty and dry while cycling:

The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Dry While Cycling in the Rain

The following three options are generally available in this department:

  • If you want to protect your feet from the elements and keep them warm and dry, you should consider waterproof shoes. Many of them look and feel great and keep your feet dry and warm.
  • It is also possible to wear waterproof overshoes, which are worn over another shoe (fairly self-explanatory) to ensure a snug fit and keep out wind and rain.
  • Alternatively, you can buy waterproof socks – which is why this article is so useful.

How Do Waterproof Socks Work?

There are three layers in waterproof socks: a knit interior and exterior, plus a waterproof membrane that keeps the feet dry and warm between the two layers.

As a result, these socks are thicker than ‘normal’ socks, but the waterproof membrane is adequately protected because of this multi-layer design. You should also keep in mind that socks’ waterproofing tends to only cover the tips of your toes above the top of the cuff.

Materials for Waterproof Bike Socks

The following fabrics are commonly used in waterproof cycling socks:

  • Gore-Tex materials are very popular due to their excellent insulation, no matter the weather. They provide excellent waterproofing, windproofing, and breathability.
  • It regulates its own temperature, absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water, and is extremely moisture-wicking – all of which help keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Most outer layers are made of either nylon or lycra, which enhances your comfort and fit and is abrasion-resistant, and dries quickly. The two work together to support the waterproof membrane and maintain the shape of the sock.
  • Occasionally, Lycra is merged with other materials like elastane or acrylic, making the sock’s lining more light and breathable – perfect for keeping them odor-free..

Cycling Socks: Top 3 Waterproof Socks

Below are the top 3 waterproof cycling socks, you can choose your favorite one :

SealSkinz Road Thin Waterproof Socks (Most Breathable)

  • A lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and windproof jacket
  • High-quality merino wool for moisture-wicking and comfort
  • Secure fit with Y-gore heel

DexShell Ultralite Waterproof Sock (Comfy)

Their construction from synthetic fibers makes them ideal for allergy sufferers, and they can be used in a variety of sports beyond cycling.

SealSkinz Soft Touch Waterproof Socks (Ankle Socks)

It’s hard to go wrong with these DexShell waterproof socks if visibility is top of mind.

Whether in hi-vis or vivid yellow, you’ll be easier to spot while riding with these on, along with the benefits of being entirely waterproof and windproof.

The socks feature a natural cotton inner lining that is both light and breathable – and, more importantly, they can be machine washed.


It can help you stay on your feet for longer by keeping your feet dry while swimming in and out the water. Waterproof socks, when combined with the right water shoes can make outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

Waterproof socks are made with three layers

It is difficult to find a material that is both breathable and warm. Manufacturers have created waterproof socks with three layers. They combine different materials and use their unique properties to target different areas. This combination of fabrics creates the perfect waterproof sock.

The outer layer

The outer layer of your sock acts as the first line of defense. It protects it from the harmful effects of rubbing against your shoes. There have been many hiking socks that had holes in the heel and toe, which is where most friction occurs. This outer layer stops friction from forming a hole in the waterproof membrane, which keeps your feet dry.

The Middle Layer

Below the outer layer is the thin middle layer which is the waterproof and breathable membrane. These waterproof layers are also called ePTFE membranes. These membranes have small pores that allow sweat to escape while keeping water from entering. It keeps your feet dry from the outside, but also keeps the sweat from building up in your socks.

The Inner Layer

Waterproof socks’ inner layer is often the moisture-wicking layer. This layer pulls sweat away from the skin and reduces chafing.

Different Materials Serve Different Purposes

The socks’ material determines how waterproof, breathable, and comfortable they are. To get different benefits, waterproof socks can be made from different materials. These are the top sock materials to look for when shopping for socks.

Bamboo Rayon or Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo is soft and breathable. Bamboo’s anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties keep your feet comfortable and dry all day. Bamboo provides thermal protection, keeping your feet warm and toasty in the winter.


When it comes to waterproof socks, wool is a popular choice. Wool can retain and absorb up to 30% moisture while remaining dry. Wool is naturally resistant to odors, so you won’t get that unpleasant smell after a long hike. Merino wool is soft and comfortable. It’s also very insulating and keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Polyester is quick drying and resists water, mildew, and shrinking. Polyester fabrics are soft and breathable. They also have moisture-wicking qualities. Polyester is great for colder climates but can get too hot in summer.


Most waterproof socks have an outer layer made of nylon. Nylon’s durability prevents your socks from chafing against the soles of your shoes, which could cause damage to the waterproof membrane beneath.


Elastane can be used to give waterproof socks some stretch. This makes it easy to put on socks, and gives them a snug and comfortable fit.


Neoprene, a synthetic rubber, is water-resistant, flexible, and waterproof. It is ideal for waterproof socks. This is a great choice for snow hiking, but not for long summer hikes. Although it provides great insulation in cold temperatures, it does not breathe well in the summer.


Cotton is soft and breathable. Cotton is soft against the skin and hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin. Pure cotton socks can absorb water, making them soggy and wet. This is why cotton may not be the best choice for waterproof socks.

Breathability Allows You to Sweat Out

It is common to believe that waterproof socks are not breathable. They can be waterproof and breathable with new technology. Waterproof socks are made with a waterproof/breathable membrane.

These membranes are porous and allow sweat to escape while keeping water out. To measure waterproof socks’ breathability, the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), is used. The more breathable socks, the higher the rate.

The Perfect Fit Keeps Your Feet From Blistering

When it comes to waterproof socks, the fit of your socks matters. Your feet may get wet if your socks are too large. Conversely, socks that are too small can cause pressure on your feet and lead to blisters.

When buying waterproof socks, remember to consider your shoe size and fit. Waterproof socks have three layers of fabric, as we’ve already mentioned. These socks can be up to three times thicker than regular socks. It’s important to allow for extra bulk. Make sure you measure your feet to ensure that you are getting the correct size.

Waterproof Cycling Socks – FAQs

What type of waterproof membrane do SealSkinz use in their socks?

To prevent water from getting inside the socks, SealSkinz uses solid hydrophilic membranes between the outer and inner layers.

Rain, mud, and sand are blocked by this membrane, but you also stay dry and sweat-free on the inside thanks to its high breathability. 

The SealSkinz hydrophilic membrane keeps you dry and comfortable even when you’re pedaling. These are more comfortable socks, you can wear them while you ride on your best mountain bikes. It is true that as you work harder and sweat more, the better the membrane functions to rid you of water vapor. 

Can socks be waterproof and breathable?

Absolutely. You will find that socks made from waterproof and breathable materials are excellent – there should never be a choice.
Even though waterproof socks offer good breathability overall, they tend to be less breathable than other socks (but not significantly or noticeably).

How to wash waterproof socks?

That’s easy. It is likely that waterproof socks can be machine washed, as most of them are.

Simply place them in a washer with cold water and mild detergent. Then hang or tumble dry on low heat.

You can also dry them in the oven for longer drying times.

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