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Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Compelling Content Piece

Content writing is a vast industry. In theory, writing content sounds easy enough. However, there are many aspects and industry standards in place that content writers don’t know about. Content writing services – Because of this dearth of knowledge, content writers can sometimes fail to connect with their audience and increase conversions.

Read on to know more about some of the dos and don’ts of writing content.


Below are some of the tips you should follow when writing content.

Determine Your Audience

The first step when writing content is to place yourself in the audience’s shoes. Many content creators and writers come up with ideas in a haphazard fashion. This creates a mess of thoughts, and the content published doesn’t really appeal to you.

Try to see things from the audience’s perspective. Think about how your content will provide value to them. Does it answer their query? Your audience is technically everyone on the internet. However, you can direct your content to appeal to a particular type of audience. Determining your audience will also help you figure out what tone and writing style you have to adopt.

Write Engaging Content

It is not so easy to write content that generates interest in the audience. You want to make sure they read everything you have written. Content writers should be aware of some basic tips before they start writing.

Your audience won’t stay long on your page if you haven’t made a good impression in the very beginning. Your introduction has to be quite powerful. Tell your audience in the introductory paragraph why they should read your content and how it will help them.

Your content piece will carry more weight if it contains testimonials, case studies, and the like. All of these build up your story and engage your audience. They will want to read more of what you have written. You can also link your content pieces with one another where necessary. It will give your audience some additional information and insights that they would want to know.

Conclude your content piece by giving them something to think about. Make sure they take away a valuable piece of information from your posts. A well-written piece may interest the reader so much that they would want to reach out to you.

Make Your Content Scannable

Articles with too much information are an immediate turn-off. Ideally, your content should be easy to read. Your audience neither has the patience nor the time to read every single word, especially if you have written long-form content.

There are different methods of making your content more readable. You can make use of bulleted lists, headings, sub-headings, and proper paragraphing. Through these techniques, your text will be broken into easy-to-read chunks, which are much more appealing to the audience.

Give Your Opinion

Writing a compelling content piece often means you need to convince your audience of your perspective. You will have to state your opinion in a clear, authoritative way and give facts and evidence to support it. By authoritative, we don’t mean being rude. Rather, you should sound firm expressing your ideas.

The market is full of competition. What sets you apart from them is the way you are able to engage with your audience. This is the reason why people prefer visiting your website and not your competitors’. Your opinion holds more value for them.

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Above are some of the dos of writing a compelling content piece. However, just knowing them isn’t enough. There are a surprising number of mistakes that people make when writing content. Below are some of them.

Publish without Double-Checking Everything

Just because you may be a good writer in general, it doesn’t mean you won’t make any mistakes. Whatever the topic is, you must make sure you are able to get your ideas across. One grammatical or spelling mistake leaves a poor impression on your audience. A content piece full of them will likely receive heavy disapproval. This vastly decreases your credibility and makes it much more difficult to engage with your audience.

Be Lazy in Researching

 A lot of content writers are focused on simply appearing fancy. They will use technical terms and good vocabulary but will fail to grasp the audience’s attention. You need to do proper research on the topic. Your audience may very well consist of people who are actually interested in that topic. Some may even be experts on it. They will instantly catch on any mistake or error that you make.

Doing proper research will also help you structure your content better and make it more readable. You can choose what to include and what to throw out. Proper research should always be done before writing a compelling content piece.

Be Casual

It is true that your content shouldn’t be too formal since you want the audience to relate to you. They don’t want to feel like being lectured. But that doesn’t mean you start being overly casual. There is a fine line between being friendly and being rather cringy.

You need to give time to your audience to get to know you. Being too casual at the start will put your audience off. It may also show a lack of professionalism and seriousness. You can still engage your audience while being appropriately friendly.

Write Fluff

Writing lengthy content isn’t exactly a bad thing. The more you write, the more information your audience can glean from your posts. However, your content should always be relevant to the topic. Writing fluff will make it hard for your audience to sift through and read what they want to. In case you have nothing more to add to your content, you can simply draw it to a close. Unnecessary material will make it much harder for you to write a compelling content piece. 

Even in real life, you can easily tune those people out who are trying very hard to sell you something. So is the case with content. If your whole content is about promoting a product or service, you won’t generate a lot of interest. Moreover, you will instantly lose all your credibility as your audience will see you only as a salesperson.

If you want to advertise something, make sure you do it subtly and naturally.

Final Remarks

The aforementioned dos and don’ts will help you create compelling content for any topic. Many content writers have good writing skills, but aren’t aware of these basics.

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