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Effective Landing Page Copywriting Strategies

Websites with 10 to 15 landing pages get 55% more leads than others with less numbers. However it is not easy to post a landing page and watch the traffic role in. You actually will need exemplary copywriting to have such experience. Copy writing is an art where words that convince people to buy plat major role. Another point is that landing pages are clean slate sales pages that have just one goal, to sell things to customers.

Here are some strategies effective for outstanding copywriting

Here we furnish some of the top copywriting strategies that you can use on your landing page and you can use them on headings, sub-headings, and in between the body. By using them in combinations you can get amazing results.

1. Include action calls in plenty

Phrases or words depicting action make people take action. This usually leads to the helping of visitors to the next action such as climbing the sales ladder. Here are the common phrases that you could include:

  • Add to cart
  • Shop now
  • Buy now
  • Don’t wait
  • Order today

These are restrained words but are immensely powerful. More than 90% that visit websites also read the action words after they read the headlines. It would also mean that you write amazing headline that will wheel them in quietly and increase the chance of converting them to profitable leads.

2. Stir up the customer’s emotional points

Why do customers purchase a product? To solve a problem, reminding them of this issue and the related experiences bring out emotions that can help improve the chances of a sale.

You have to remember that the purchasing process is very emotional. As a matter of fact, a Harvard University professor argues that it’s roughly 95% emotional. By making the customer feel emotions associated with the product and solution, you’re aligning with this consumer behavior.

Look how this customer success company uses this strategy on their website:

The copy on this ebook’s landing page mentions the pain point of customer churn multiple times, reminding anyone losing customers of their problem. Stating how this book can remedy this experience via bullet points is the icing on the cake.

3. Use storytelling to relate to your audience

Everyone loves a good story. In fact, it’s how we communicated through means like cave art centuries before modern language. It should be no surprise that testimonials, which are just a variant of storytelling, are proven to boost conversions on landing pages.

This is why no landing page is complete without some great customer stories. You will need to ensure that you ask previous customers for permission before using their feedback and possibly their image, too.

Furthermore, storytelling can be executed by telling a personal tale of how you once too were in the customer’s shoes. Explain your situation as it relates to theirs and how they succeeded thanks to your product or service.

4. Create a slippery slope

Joseph Sugarman, one of the world’s greatest copywriters, coined the term slippery slope in one of his famous books, ‘The Adweek Copywriters Handbook’. This is the strategy of organizing copy in a way that helps customers flow through it effortlessly, ultimately getting to the end sale sooner.

You can achieve this on your own landing page by first ensuring that the copy is organized in a logical sequence. This normally looks like:

  • A captivating headline that grabs the reader’s attention
  • An introduction to the offer, its features, and benefits
  • Pricing and justification for the investment
  • Testimonials that act as social proof
  • Answers to questions and objections customers may have
  • Call to action for purchasing the product

See how that order flows in a natural way? Furthermore, a slippery slope is created by using short and snappy sentences. This makes copy easier to read and less intimidating.

Taking this approach along with the other copywriting strategies we’re teaching you today will produce a landing page customers can’t wait to finish.

5. Keep the language simple and digestible

Roughly 32 million adults in the United States read at a basic level. That means if you use complex vocabulary and technical jargon, you’re filtering out a large group of people reading a landing page.

Instead, you should opt to use a simple and casual language that sounds like a friend speaking to a friend. This is much more digestible, fun to read, and personable.

You should also aim to write as you speak. So, don’t be afraid to break some grammar rules to sound natural and human-like because it can pay off big time.

6. Ask questions that get the customer answering with a “yes”

The more you get the customer thinking “yes” all along the landing page, the more likely they will be able to say that towards the sale. How do you do this? By asking questions they are thinking.

These don’t have to be extremely complex, either. In fact, the simpler the better, you should have a good idea of your customer’s interests, feelings, values, and more. Use this to add questions you’re confident are on their mind to get them relating to your copy more and more.

Look how this marketing publication used this strategy in one of their resource compilations for SEO:

Anyone struggling to perform SEO effectively will read the headline and instantly be more intrigued since they can relate.

7. Use urgency to entice quicker action

Think about it from the customer’s perspective. They see that there’s only a limited time to take advantage of an offer. How would they feel? Urgent to take action, this is precisely why you need to mix in urgent copywriting into landing pages.

Urgency can be created in many ways, as well. The first of which is to frame your offer as “only available for a limited time”. Look how the telephone company Tel us pulls this off one of their sales pages:

Customers will feel more enticed to shop now as they’ll miss out on a great deal. We also call this fear of missing out or FOMO for short. It’s a common aspect of human psychology you can tug on as a copywriter.

Wrapping up landing page copy with key takeaways

Great copy can make or break a landing page. That’s why you need to take the time to craft an epic copy that gets customers itching to buy from you. This can be achieved by applying the main takeaways of today’s article:

  • Use calls to action for pushing customers along the sales funnel
  • Bring up pain points customers are experiencing to create emotion
  • Take advantage of testimonials and storytelling for social proof
  • Short paragraphs, snappy sentences, and a logical sequence create a slippery slope
  • Simple language is more easily readable and less intimidating
  • Ask questions that relate to the customer’s experience
  • Use urgency and scarcity to make customers feel they need to take immediate action

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Effective landing page copywriting strategies include understanding your target audience, crafting a clear and concise headline, using persuasive language and a strong call-to-action, highlighting benefits rather than features, providing social proof, and keeping the design simple and focused. Testing and refining your copy is also key to success.


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