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How AI Camera Used in Fever Detection to Control Coronavirus Spread?

Amid COVID-19 spread worldwide, tech companies trying to utilize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to control this disease.

Detecting the body temperature through AI-powered devices is one of them, helping to detect the people having high temperature (possibly fever), which is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Actually, AI-enabled camera detection system may be far better for scanning larger numbers of people in places like airports, grocery stores, hospitals, and voting locations to find the possible patient of COVID-19.

So, let’s find out how such cameras works and how AI cameras are developed for human face detection of check the body temperature.

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How AI Camera for Fever Detection Works?

Such devices are actually, integrated with thermal camera, optical camera, and a high-resolution screen.

It can be placed on a desk or counter, mounted on a wall, or placed on a tripod to set the camera angle for checking the targeted people.

And when people or a person walk individually or in groups, their temperatures are checked in real-time using highly-accurate infrared technology, and the image of any person showing an elevated temperature is displayed.

And few advance cameras can detect the temperature from the distance of around 16 feet away making AI in coronavirus possible.  

The cameras can detect the heat of 12 different places on the body with an accuracy of within a 0.5 degree.

And few off-the-shelf security cameras, uses an AI model to zoom in on a subject’s inner eye, which is most reflective of the body’s actual temperature.

The system uses AI to monitor numerous cameras at once, and automatically sends an alert to security personnel if it detects someone with a fever. Such cameras can do 1,000 temperature readings an hour with acceptable level of accuracy.

Use of such cameras helping the health authorities, to timely detect the most of number of infected people and control the further spread of such highly contagious disease.

AI companies are working to develop such more cameras with more advance features and ability to detect such symptoms with more accuracy for betterment of humanity.     

How AI Camera Works?

The AI-based cameras are basically used for security surveillance to detect and record the unusual activities around the area. Such cameras can detect humans, animals, and other types of objects through computer vision technology.

The AI cameras can recognize the human faces through face recognition system. From face recognition, to record other activities, it can provide the various details of the surroundings or the people to whom it has been targeted for specific purpose.

Training Data for AI Security Camera        

To train the AI security camera, the image based training data sets are used through computer vision. The annotated images of various objects, including humans, motor vehicles and other entities are targeted to make them recognizable to machines or you can AI camera model.

The huge amount of training datasets are used through machine learning to train the model and detect such objects when used in real-life for specific purpose.

Similarly, when AI camera is developed for thermal imaging to detect the body temperature in humans, it can detect the people in crowd having the fever or walking with body temperature above the normal, indicating that person is running sick.

Cogito is one of the companies, provides machine learning training data solution for AI companies to develop the successful model and provide an automated solution to common man at mass level with encouraging results in various scenarios.

Cogito provides training data for AI security camera with annotated images of various objects making recognizable to machines. It is expert in image annotation services and can proved the data sets for AI models developed for different industries like healthcare, retail, automotive, agriculture, security surveillance system and many more where AI can be integrated through computer vision. 


Roger Brown

Cogito is the industry leader in data labeling and annotation services to provide the training data sets for AI and machine learning model developments. All types of AI and ML services requires the training data for algorithms with next level of accuracy making AI possible into diverse fields like healthcare, gaming, agriculture, retail, automotive, robotics and security surveillance etc.

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