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How to make a projector work in daylight?

When the weather is nice, everything moves outside, including entertainment. Whether you want to watch a movie with your kids or have a moonlit date night, a projector is an excellent way to bring the big screen outside. 

Not only are projectors terrific for ordinary TV viewing, as described in our guide, but they’re also an excellent choice for outdoor TV viewing due to their ability to create a larger screen. It seems like you’re in a movie theater, and seeing a projector outside is much more exciting. Let’s go through how to use a projector outdoors so you can put up your outdoor entertainment area.

Important considerations

  • Ambient light, as opposed to lux lighting on a projector, refers to the added light emitted by external light sources such as the sun. Even the best projector on the market cannot compete with direct sunlight.
  •  Make sure to offer shade to avoid poor image quality. You can get a clearer view if you can use a canopy over the screen. Using an inflatable projector screen is vital when hosting an outside viewing party. 
  • Inflatable screens are simple and give more screen space for less money. This implies that the projection size has been increased and the viewing angle has been enhanced for all guests. 
  • Just make sure you have a good outdoor area for a larger screen.

How to make a projector work in daylight?

Follow along to learn how to use a projector during the day. The essential thing to remember is that it is possible to view projected movies on a screen during the day without the necessity of a dark interior home theater.

  1. The brighter the lumens, the better the view.

We measure the brightness of a light by lumens. You cannot project a movie in direct sunlight. No contemporary projector can duplicate the lumens or lux necessary to make a movie shine in the sunlight. One lumen is the amount of light emitted by a single light source. 

As a result, the more lumens released by morning, the brighter it will be. You must note that you will require different lumen levels based on the projector’s application. If you intend to use your new projector outside during the day, it must be capable of emitting at least 3,000 lumens. However, a projector with at least 5,000 lumens would be the best option. However, the larger the number of projector lumens, the higher the price.

  1. Let the sun decide the position.

Observing the sun’s position might help determine the best outdoor placement for the console, whether you have a vast lawn, patio, or a little balcony. Finally, keeping the sun on one of the sides is advised. If the sun is behind the projector, the images may appear flawless in color. However, if the light is too bright, you may begin to feel dazzled after starting that way for the duration of the film. 

On the other hand, keeping the sun to the rear of the audience might dramatically impair the quality of the images. Such a light might be so brilliant that it blinds the audience and reduces the capacity of the projector. The best bet is to keep the sun on your side. However, if the sun is too bright and your projector is insufficiently powerful, you may still have problems.

  1. Screen size and lumen are in a relationship.

The size of the screen that you’re projecting to has a significant impact on the number of lumens. A smaller screen requires fewer lumens to be bright enough to watch during the day than a screen twice its size. For example, a 169-foot projection screen will require a minimum of 3000 lumens, while the optimal amount of lumens for daylight outdoor use is roughly 4500. 

For outdoor daylight usage, 2011 requires at least 4500 lumens. If you use it outside during the day, you should seek a projector with at least 3000 lumens, regardless of screen size. The closer you go to 4000 lumens and above, the better. However, 3000 will suffice for outdoor use with a smaller screen during partially sunny hours.

  1. Giver your projector some shade

You may do the next best thing and project a movie in the shadow or away from direct sunlight to be able to project during the day. If you haven’t been able to identify a place that will work regardless of the present lighting and sun circumstances, you may need to construct the right corner artificially. 

You will need to offer shade in addition to hanging the screen and setting up the projector. There are several options available for providing shade over your theater. An umbrella with a moveable arm is the most adaptable. This enables you to open, close, and manipulate your umbrella. If you’ve also put up a dining table near the home theater, you can slide the umbrella on it when you’re ready to dine.

  1. Color of the projector screen matters

After you’ve purchased the appropriate projector to project images and videos from your favorite flicks, take a hard look at the giant screen you’ve picked. A white screen will give the highest image quality when utilizing a projector for daytime viewing. This is because other varieties, like gray screens, do not have the same reflecting properties. 

A white screen surface works best for outdoor projection displays. A robust, reflecting display or screen is required to increase your projector’s brightness and achieve high-fidelity projection. It’s also crucial to ensure that the colors in the movie you’re watching stay vivid. It also guarantees that all of the movie’s small elements are seen. There are several cutting-edge displays to pick from.

  1. Check out the weather.

Electronic devices cannot operate in water. Aside from that, if you want your outdoor movie marathon to be successful, you must watch it on a sunny day. You can’t watch movies in extreme heat or cold since it will harm your small projector. Due to the intense summer sun, the gadget may ultimately overheat. 

You should also avoid windy or wet days since they might damage your projector or projection screen. A strong wind might blow your inflatable screen away or cause it to topple over from its weight. The rain has the potential to short-circuit your projector or any extension cables you may be utilizing. Snow is hazardous since it reflects sunlight and can make the surroundings appear brighter than usual.

  1. Install a Good Sound System

You should have a good sound system. It might be concealed speakers inside your inflatable screen or amplifiers next to your projector. While viewing the entire James Bond series from a distance, you may even bring the sound system closer to the spectators seated in their plastic, folding, or lawn chairs. Most homes utilize Bluetooth speakers or sounds for the task. By the way, ensure the ones requiring batteries are appropriately charged.

  1. Either 160 or nothing

The first thing to notice is a projector screen with a viewing angle of 160 degrees, or a reflective projector screen is recommended. These movie screens are ideal for more intimate occasions when you only want to share the experience with your companion. However, if you are watching your next show, football game, TV series, or movie with others, you must ensure that the screen has a 160° viewing angle. 

A screen that reflects light from a certain angle. This brings us back to the audience, for the best possible light reflection. You may use a white projector screen. This is a typical projector screen. There’s also a grayish projector screen. It will also be an excellent alternative to obtaining the black level. Not very excellent. However, nothing beats anything. Also, keep profit in mind. Which determines how much light is reflected to you. Gains of 1.0 and higher are preferable.

  1. Distance from screen and projector

Keep the distance between the projector and the screen constant. Nothing will change the light rays emitted by the lens in any way. The presence of sunlight may impede the long-distance travel of light beams. 

You should avoid making it too tiny since this can potentially cause issues. When looking at the current streaming condition, you must examine all possible distances between the screen and the projector. The distance between the screen and the projector is also determined by the screen’s size and the projector’s lumens capability.


It’s understandable if you’re unsure whether projectors may be used outside during the day. It’s difficult to operate your smartphone in the sun. Therefore, watching projection screen pictures must be difficult as well.

Because the sun is significantly brighter than any projector is supposed to be, it is critical to utilize a projector with a large number of lumens to compete with the light for daytime viewing. You may use a quality projector with a good lumen count during the day. Consider the above variables to have the most outstanding experience while making a projector function in daylight.

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