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Know All About The HubSpot Sales Chrome Extensions:

Users may have heard about the great HubSpot Sales Chrome extensions, which have turned out to be beneficial for many users such as marketers, customer service, sales teams, etc, to ease their work and help them. 

It allows users to set their tasks and get their particular tasks finished and completed, effectively and efficiently.

For hubspot login, users first need to install the HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension. 

The steps to install the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension:

  • Users would need to open any suitable chrome and, 
  • Then click on more tools & extensions,
  • Then search for the HubSpot Sales or hubspot com login
  • The dialog box appeared on the screen, from there click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • The Hubspot Chrome Extensions App would be installed automatically.

It would be advisable to customize the settings of HubSpot Chrome Extensions, after installing them for the proper process of hubspot log in.

The settings are:

  • Log and track settings
  • Email integration settings
  • Help and troubleshooting
  • Turn off the extension for the Gmail inbox
  • HubSpot accounts settings

Ways for how to use the HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension efficiently:

  1. Track and log emails with HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension

Before trying to enter the hubspot login page, users must be aware of the difference between tracked emails and logged emails. 

Once the tracked emails are enabled, users would be notified about the contacts, when they are opening an email. 

Once users have enabled the logged emails, it shows the HubSpot timeline of contacts, and the record of their emails would be stored and tracked.

  1. Using the Contact profiles with HubSpot Sales Chrome extension

If the user is using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extensions, they can use contact profiles without leaving their inbox. 

Before moving towards hubspot com login, users must carefully take a glance at the steps, which are given below;

  • Users would need to search the contacts stored in HubSpot and login into the Gmail
  • Then click on the Sprocket icon to log in,
  • Users would have to enter the name or email address in the search bar, for specific contact information.
  • Click on the respective contact’s name, to see all the related information.
  • Users can also search the contact in the contact profiles, using saved filters.
  • Finally, click on “All Contacts” and select saved filters.
  1. Use Sales tools in the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension

The HubSpot sales tools available while using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extensions are given below:

Users can take a glance at these tools for hubspot login:

  • Snippets
  • Documents
  • Templates
  • Sequences
  • Meetings


They can help users with the Templates creation process.


Document links are helpful in various ways such as can be incorporated while writing an email.


The template is another tool that can be used efficiently while using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension efficiently. 


HubSpot Sales Hub, Service Hub Professional, Entrepreneur, they avail of its benefits.


Meeting links can be inserted directly into the user’s email, via using the HubSpot Sales Chrome extensions.

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