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Noosa Locksmith: What to know about Electric Locks

You may perhaps want to know more about electric locks. These are locks that use electrical current for operation. A few might directly connect with the locking mechanism and others operate using console or remote control. The modern ones tend to use a keypad.

Quite convenient  

Keypad version is found to be more convenient as it allows quick and easy changing of combinations as desired. This is something quite tough in old-school ones. Rather, the latter require hiring the services of reputed Noosa Locksmith agency. When keypad console is concerned, they are easy to work with since it just requires changing the code. It is quite similar to changing your computer’s password.


The latest electric lock models in the market are used commonly on the garage door openers. Operating on a particular frequency, they keep moving, such that their password keeps changing. The only device knowing frequency location is your transmitter. It is rather similar to your lock and speaks in secret code, something they only understand. Another new security feature introduced is the rallying code. It allows the device to change the combination on its own.

Enhanced safety features

Cyber & Microchip embedded cards are considered to be new technologies. However, the electric lock is still considered to be the industry standard used. This method is used mostly by hotel since it is found to be more secure.

It is just impossible to pick electric locks. Even a simple one attached to locking device lacks a key. This means, proper code will be required to be entered to get entry to the room. Only remote operation is supported by keypad controlled gadgets. Hence, there will be no device present to pick. It is also impossible to drill through them as it is constructed from reinforced steel.

When compared to traditional locking devices, electric locks do not come with duplicate keys. Rather, duplicate keys cannot be made for them! To open it, you require exact pass key and the software.

Smarter lock

The fact is electronic locks are quite useful since they keep you secure. They are also easy to use unlike other locks available in the market. They provide essential features like auditing, etc. It allows you to keep proper track of the number of attempts made to open them. It will be beneficial to know if any authorised access attempt was tried.

A few are designed with timer features allowing unlocking of the device without you being there in person. Also are present privacy settings to allow using of same device by multiple users.

Why prefer installing electric locks?

The truth is electric locks are quite effective and offer enhanced security. It is possible to customize them based on your specific requirements. It assures providing top security to your vehicle or home without involving unwanted hassles.

The professional Locksmith Sunshine Coast company can offer a wide range of security related services.


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