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Avoid These Mistakes While Repairing Air Conditioners

If you are living in a place where air conditioner is absolutely necessary, you must be aware of how to keep your appliance maintained. You cannot install or fix major problems as a novice, but you can take out the filter and clean it. Repairing Air Conditioners– You must have tools like drilling machine, screwdriver, lever, adjustable wrench, pilers, voltage testing device, ratchet set and other equipment to take up a few minor AC repairing projects. But if there’s a major fault, you must take professional help.

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Several homeowners make mistakes while repairing their air conditioners, as they think they can save a lot of money.

Filters are not timely inspected

The air conditioning system gathers the air from outside, conditions or cools it, and circulates in the room. But the filters can attract debries, dust and allergens from the air, and may hamper the appliance’s performance too. As a homeowner, you need to inspect the filters frequently and if required, clean or replace them.

The air conditioners nowadays have disposable filters that require changing once in three months.

Keeping the air condtioner on unnecessirily

Do not keep the air conditioner switched on for the whole day unnecesserily, as it not only wastes energy but damages the motor. Make sure to turn it off when not used.

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Ignoring the weird noises the appliance makes

The Air Conditioner can make weird noises if not serviced in proper time. Do not ignore any minor sound, it can be due to a major fault damaging the appliance.

Not cleaning the air outlets in proper time

The airways can store a plenty of debris and dust if not cleaned for 6 months, so when the appliance is turned on the air blows out those debris and dust, making your home untidy and causing severe lung infections.

Missing scheduled maintainance dates

If you are using your appliance quite frequently, it is subject to wear and tear. So routine check-ups and maintainance is a must. You can hire a professional to check the HVAC, filter, outlets, air vents etc.

Not replacing a decade old appliance

Even after scheduling maintainance services and taking care of the appliance, you cannot expect it to function for more than 10 years. After 10 years, it develops several other problems and you need to call a professional every now and then.

Turning thermostat temperature low

The amount of air circulated by the system remains the same even if the thermostat temperature is set to low. If you lower your thermostat temperature, you are forcing your appliance to work harder so that to provide you a comfortable room temperature.

Turning the appliance on with windows open

This is one of the worst mistakes homeowners do without thinking much about the consequences. They forget closing windows while switching the air conditioner on. Apart from affecting the cooling efficiency, it puts load on the appliance.

Trying to fix major appliance problems | Air Conditioners

When you purchase an air conditioner, it is evident that you need to invest a recurring amount every 6 months or once in every year for maintenance. You may try to save the amount by taking up major AC fixing problems, but may end up damaging the system more. Make sure to call a professional for any major problems as they know your appliance better than you.  

Looking for professionals who can take up jobs like AC repairing? Well, NJ and NYC have some reputable service providers with decade’s experience in undertaking similar projects.

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