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Cleaner for Glass Top Stoves

by hellocleanerae
Cleaner for Glass Top Stoves

Flat, glass-top stoves look modern and sleek, but they get just as dirty as an electric or gas stove. Luckily, the dark, reflective surface tends to hide grime better. While that’s great for when you have guests over, it means the grime can pile up before you even realize it’s time to clean. Since the surface seems a bit more delicate, many people aren’t sure what to use on it.

Glass spray doesn’t seem like a good option so close to your food. Of course, good old-fashioned vinegar is the star of the spray here, too, because it breaks down grease and starchy messes without any abrasive ingredients that could potentially scratch the glass.

• ¼ cup baking soda
• 1 cup distilled or boiled and cooled water
• 2 drops vanilla extract (or vanilla essential oil; if using essential oil, add 2 drops rubbing alcohol as well)

Mix and shake well in an 8-ounce spray bottle.

To Use: Spray liberally onto the cooking surface and let sit for a few minutes before wiping off with a clean rag.

For extra-stubborn stains, cover the area well with a layer of baking soda. Then soak the baking soda with the spray and let sit for at least 10 minutes, making sure the baking soda remains wet and doesn’t dry out. Then use a flat, sharp plastic scraper designed specifically for this purpose to gently scrape the spot off. Buff the area with a tiny bit of olive oil on a soft rag.

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