Ways to create a logo

What logo are you able to remember? Which falls in your memory enough to associate it with one particular brand later on? People are surprisingly often looking for answers to the question of how to create a logo for themselves or a company. The matter can be difficult, because designing an effective emblem, places several, often not easy, requirements on the creator. Do you need a professional graphic designer to create it? Seemingly not! However, are we advised to use his help? By all means yes! Whether you choose a logo contest or choose a graphic designer yourself – it’s worth it!

What is a logo

A logo is a design that symbolizes a company. It is a design used by a company for letterheads, advertising materials, and signs as an emblem by which a company can be easily recognized, also known as a logotype. A logotype is a graphic representation or symbol of a company’s name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for easy recognition.

How to make a logo online

Creating a quality logo that fits your business is not an easy task, but there are many ways to create a unique design today, so you’re sure to find one that suits you best. Here are some basic ways to create a good logo.

Making a logo with your own hands

Let’s make a purely hypothetical assumption – you have the time, can handle graphic programs, and know the principles of creating and creating effective logos. You know how to design simple graphics. Doing it yourself is an excellent option. Especially since you have the idea in your head and can almost see the finished result in front of your eyes. That is, you can consider that the rest is already quite simple.

Online logo creators

Another solution is logo creators. You can find a lot of tools on the Internet, with which you can create your emblem yourself, without having any special knowledge. Which graphic creators are the most popular?

  • Turbologo;
  • Tailor Brands;
  • Looka;
  • etc.

The options are starting to become more numerous and you will find something for you.

Online logo creators such as Turbologo give you a lot of options and make the whole creative process easier and simpler. Some of them you can easily handle completely free, taking advantage of the vast possibilities and ready-made templates they give you.

You choose the characteristics of the business, and the color scheme, enter the name, and choose all the elements. From appropriate colors to typography to graphic elements. From creating a selection of logos to creating a finished logo for your brand. You quickly and painlessly create a ready-made emblem and you’re done. Are you sure? Since you can create the emblem of your dreams in five minutes, the temptation is growing.

Graphic designers

A graphic designer or agency will prepare several logo options for you to choose from, and once you’ve chosen the right one, they’ll offer several revision sessions to polish the work. To what extent is the work individual and tailored to your business?

Agencies may have a sizable, extensive portfolio, but simply be too expensive for your budget. A freelance graphic designer or a recommended graphic designer may have lower prices, with a little less experience and familiarity with creating individual work. You verify the portfolio, and the works appeal to you, with the number of revision sessions that may be insufficient. You pay extra several times and the original amount remains only a memory.

The case is different when you use a proven directory of graphic designers. Transparent portfolios, thousands of completed works, from start to finish you know what to count on.

Graphic designers’ help is an excellent option when you know what you will get in return. Using directories opens up a plethora of choices that you don’t necessarily feel like going through. By the time you come across a graphic designer and logo to your taste, you will simply lose the desire to search. This is where a graphic design contest has an advantage. Graphic designers apply themselves, you choose at your discretion.


The process of creating a logo may not be the easiest, as it requires a lot of thinking, attention, and going outside the box. Remember, however, that this effort will never be in vain because having a well-thought-out logo brings you nothing but profits! If you are lacking inspiration and ideas – give yourself a boost and use the Turbologo logo generator to create your unique logo!


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