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It is essential to have an SEO strategies plan in addition to your content strategy while working on material for the web. If you follow these steps, your posts will perform at peak efficiency. In addition, by using search engine optimization (SEO) tools, you may learn how to make your website more visible to potential visitors.

Although search engine optimization (SEO) might appear intimidating to newcomers, some free SEO tools are equally as strong as their premium equivalents. You will find a rundown of the top 10 free SEO tools & programs below.

SEO Tools 

First, let us define whatever SEO tools are, and they will benefit your marketing efforts. To aid in optimizing a website for search engines, you will need search engine optimization tools. One important aspect of SEO is, of course, the study of keywords.

To be successful, most marketers need the help of a reliable keyword tool for search engine optimization. A website Seo checker, backlink analytics, page speed tools, etc., are all useful in SEO. Page speed, header tag quality, image processing, and more are some factors that our in-house developed SEO checker considers when generating a comprehensive, free assessment for each webpage.

Using this tool, you can rapidly pinpoint where on your site’s pages you can improve their SEO and boost their search engine rankings. Please keep reading to find out what basic SEO tools are, how they may assist your company and other frequently asked questions about search engine optimization.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that allows website owners to track and analyze their site’s performance in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Once you have included the verification code to your site or verified your site using Google Analytics, you may submit your sitemap to indexing.

Search Console is optional, but it gives you more say over what is crawled and how your site shows up in Google’s rankings. The data gleaned by Google’s SEO Cairns analyzer, Search Console, may provide light on how Google or its users perceive your site and how it might be improved for higher rankings. In addition, site owners may submit their pages to be indexed by search engines, which is very helpful for new websites.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress that helps you find content gaps and improve them quickly. Start by downloading the Yoast plugin for WordPress and turning it on.

Yoast is a plugin that may help you optimize your material for search engines, making it easier to read and share on social media. With Yoast, you may modify several configurations behind the scenes, including Meta tags, titles, canonical URLs, or the labeling of index/no-index pages.

Using metrics like sentence and paragraph length, this plugin will rate each post on its readability. Yoast can assist you with that if you want more people to read and share your content on social media.

3. Exploding Topics

When it comes to tracking current topics, nothing beats Exploding Topics. It gives people ideas for material based on what is trending now, what’s trending shortly, and what will trend months or years from now.

The software detects patterns by scouring various online sources, such as search queries, social media discussions, and media mentions. The information gleaned from these queries may be used to inform other SEO Tools & social media efforts. With the help of Exploding Topics, content marketers or SEO writers can zero in on what their target audiences are eager to learn, discuss, and acquire.

4. Ahrefs

Anyone who has dabbled in search engine optimization (SEO) will be familiar with this system. An industry mainstay, Ahrefs is another comprehensive platform with all the bells & whistles. The price for their Lite plan begins at $99 a month.

5. Ubersuggest

Enter a term relevant to your business, and you will be presented with various related choices and data on search traffic, competition, cost per click, and more. Using an SEO keyword tool like Ubersuggest is essential unless you want to spend countless hours brainstorming keywords for your campaign.

It may assist automate keyword research and provide useful metrics when selecting keywords. For example, when running Google Ads for a PPC campaign, you may utilize Ubersuggest to help you choose the right keywords to bid on. However, it would help to focus your SEO efforts on the appropriate keywords to get search engine rankings. The lack of rankings leads to a decrease in traffic, leading to a decrease in conversions.

6. Seobility

Seobility’s mission is to assist users in achieving their desired results in terms of website optimization. The tool continually searches all related sites to detect on-page SEO and content concerns, such as links, same material, and poor loading times. Users are then made aware of these problems so they may solve them to boost their site’s search engine optimization.

The program does more than just spot typos; it also notes where a website’s SEO may benefit from some tweaking or fine-tuning. As a result, the software generates an extensive on-page SEO audit and supplies SEO professionals with a thorough backlink analysis and tools for enhanced link development. It also monitors a site’s position in search results.

7. Answer The Public

Answer The Public and other such free SEO tools make it simple to brainstorm blog post ideas. This free SEO tool may be used to develop content centered on various fitness-related keywords, including but not limited to yoga, running, CrossFit, and exercise. It works well for discovering potential featured snippet placements. If you are working with a freelancer to produce material, you can download this list and provide it to them. It’s one of the fastest methods to generate SEO-friendly content ideas for brand-new websites, using just five minutes of your time.

8. Page Speed Insights

Enter a URL in the search field to see a comprehensive report on the page load time of that specific URL. In addition to displaying your website’s current load time, this application includes technical “lab data” and suggestions for optimizing your page’s performance. The diagnostics section may find additional data on the page’s functionality.

Google uses page speed as a ranking signal, much as it uses usability. So, for example, visitors will go elsewhere to get the information they need if your page takes too long to load.


SEM Rush is a powerful tool that offers a free edition like the others described above. When you use SEMRush, you will not only get assistance with link building but also with keywords, on-page SEO audits, content improvements, rank monitoring, and more. Get full use of these options by signing up for a free account.

Your backlink profile may be examined using SEM Rush’s Backlink Analysis & Link Building Tool. The Link Building Tool’s free tier only allows you to track 100 sites before upgrading, but you will still be able to monitor your referring domains, backlinks, and backlink authority over time. In addition, the instrument shows you where your link-building activities may need some work or where you could get more exposure online.

10. Beam Us Up

Beam Us Up is an SEO auditing tool crawling your website and reporting on the most frequent SEO mistakes it discovers. Duplicate content, broken links, and other problems that might negatively affect search engine optimization are just some things the crawler can detect. Users may also add custom variable services like Google Analytics to see how each metric and objective has changed relative to the ‘control’ version.


Even though search engine optimization is an essential element of content creation, it is most effective when used with other forms of advertising, such as content or social media promotion. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media monitoring tools can maximize your results. In addition, you may lay the groundwork for these techniques with the assistance of these free SEO tools.

When you combine this with social media search terms tools, you may discover more about your target audience’s preferences.

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