10 Tips for Choosing the Best Aluminium Door and Window Hardware for Your Home

After you are done with the frame and style for your door and windows, it is time to pay attention to the door and window hardware. Hardware is an essential component of doors and windows that make them function properly, such as hinges, fasteners, locks, knockers, glasses etc. 

The architectural hardware includes the handles, door locks, railing & standoff, and other accessories. These are elements that help a house or an apartment building work efficiently. Not only that but choosing the best hardware is essential to make the house look great. 

Choosing aluminium as a metal for your door and window hardware would be a great idea. They are highly reliable as metal, have excellent durability, and are easily maintainable. 

With all that, the cost of aluminium is even cheaper than other materials. So if you are planning on choosing an aluminium door or window hardware, then here are a few tips you should know.

Tips for Choosing the Best Aluminium Door and Window Hardware

1.               See if it is sturdy enough: One of the biggest reasons you should use the aluminium door and window hardware is that they are sturdy enough. It is troubling to purchase hardware for doors and windows, again and again, so better buy something that will last you for a longer period. Some of these hardware comes with a warranty which is great if something happens. So invest in aluminium hardware from a reputable manufacturer, and you will not have to spend more money in the future.

2.               Easy to repair: Buy hardware components that are easy to fix; even if you buy from a reputed manufacturer, sometimes things break down. So, if you purchase easily repairable hardware, it can save you a lot of money. Suppose you are buying the locks, and they break down. Changing the lock will cost hundreds, but you can call a locksmith and get it fixed if it is easily repairable.

3.               Low maintenance: After purchasing the hardware, you have to spend money on maintenance. Suppose you buy a knocker divided into multiple parts; it has a higher chance of breaking apart. So it would be wiser to purchase products which are low maintenance.

4.               Certification: While purchasing from a store, don’t forget to ask them for product certification. If the seller cannot provide you with certification, then reconsider purchasing from them as the certification is an indication that the hardware is well tested and safe to install.

5.               Attractive design: We as a society have become very particular about the style and design of our homes and offices. Hardware is an integral part of our house; we use hardware to complement the whole house. You can use a golden line for a knocker to give the place a different texture.

6.               Check the fitting: Before purchasing your favourite door lock because it would complement your door well, get the fitting correctly. Ask the door installer to give you a detailed list of size requirements for your door ahead of time.

7.               Appropriate hardware: You must purchase hardware that is appropriate for the space. Suppose you are purchasing window pull for a school building, then you should keep it as minimal as possible, but if you are buying the same thing for a wedding venue, you can go a little extra with it. 

8.               Rustproof: Although aluminium hardware is rustproof, sometimes the manufacturer might add a little bit of iron or other metal; it can cause rusting, so better to get no rust certification before installing the hardware. 

9.               Consider Emergency opening: While purchasing the hardware, look for something that you can open easily in case of an emergency. Suppose you are on fire and need to open the jointer as soon as possible for emergency escape. In such a situation, if your jointer gets stuck for some reason, then it could be life-threatening for you.

10.            Please go through the latest technology: We have come a long way with our technology. With technology and modern facilities, everything is changing pretty drastically; new types of hardware are coming. Now you can buy a lock with a fingerprint or digital passcode where you do not have to use a key to open the door; you can install these modern locks and open the door only with a passcode.


There are many options for aluminium regarding hardware, but always remember to purchase from a well-known manufacturer who offers a warranty for a more extended period. In this way, you will have to go through less trouble and save more money.

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