5 Biggest Benefits of Electric Cars

Benefits-of-Electric-CarsElectric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular with drivers with each passing year, as they offer a multitude of benefits for both the owner and planet Earth. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, read about the five biggest benefits of owning an electric car.

Affordable Vehicles

Running a car can be expensive, as you will have to pay for fuel, car tax, insurance and maintenance fees. If you want to keep your expenditure low, you would be wise to consider an electric vehicle. That is because you can charge a car on electricity, which equates to under approximately one fifth per mile as investing in petrol for the exact same vehicle.

Low Maintenance Fees

Did you know that a battery electricity vehicle (BEV) features less moving parts in comparison to a traditional petrol or diesel car? As a result, there will be minimal maintenance work needed, and you will not have to pay for an expensive exhaust, fuel injection system, starter motor, radiator or another part.

In fact, a battery electricity vehicle will only incorporate one moving part: the rotor. This means you can focus on maintaining your vehicle’s tires, brakes and suspension. However, a battery can wear over time, so you may have to pay for a replacement battery as your car in time, but most manufacturers can provide an eight-year EV battery warranty.

It is, however, important to note that a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will incorporate a petrol engine, so will require regular inspection and may cost more to maintain. However, the electric motor will require less parts, so it will experience less wear and tear in comparison to petrol vehicles.

Environmental Benefits

Electric cars have a positive impact on the environment, as they can reduce air pollution because they have zero exhaust emissions. As a result, you will lower your carbon footprint. You can also decrease the greenhouse gas emissions by recharging your vehicle using renewable energy. What’s more, many EVs are created from eco-friendly materials. For example, visit Nissan Edinburgh to experience the Leaf’s interior and bodywork, which is created from recyclable materials, such as water bottles and plastic bags.

Improved Air Quality

Not only will a reduction in exhaust emissions have a positive effect on the environment, but it will also benefit your health. That is because improved air quality can result in less health issues that are commonly caused by pollution.

Safer Vehicles

Another big benefit of electric vehicles is that they have a lower center of gravity. This means they less likely to roll over in the event of an accident. What’s more, as the cars do not run on gas, they are less likely to experience a fire or explosion. They are also much more durable than most petrol or diesel vehicles, so they will be much safer in a collision.

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