6 AI Use cases in apps that will transform your business

AI has been one of the top technologies fostering customer satisfaction, boosting revenues for entrepreneurs. There have been some fundamental contributions of AI to iOS mobile app development as well as android app development in the form of innovative use cases that are expected to yield returns for marketers as well as consumers.

Let us look at a list of use cases that AI can have in the mobile app ecosystem:

  • AI for search voice assistants — AI can be used to enhance the mobile digital experience in eCommerce to help users search for the products they are looking for with voice commands or by uploading images. It can also be implemented for IoT apps to give voice commands that perform home automation, in hospitals for apps that can manage infrastructure, patient devices, reports, etc.
  • AI for facial Recognition — AI finds implementation in facial and age recognition and can help create 3D face IDs or any other biometric authentication for secure digital services like authenticating payments, user logins, etc. for banking, eCommerce, healthcare, etc.
  • Location tracking in apps — AI algorithms can be used in location-based tracking of a user and hence retailers and marketers can use it in their apps to send offers, product discounts, nearest stores, etc. when a user enters the proximity of a store. It can also be used to recommend related products that a user may like based on their past purchases.
  • Secure smartphone apps — AI models help in reducing security issues through alerts regarding prospective weak points and threats in their cell phones like weak passwords, suspicious emails, etc. AI models can learn from past experiences and data to suggest best practices that guarantee the safety of data and privacy. This can be offered as a part of services across industries or as a separate digital experience solution by cybersecurity companies.
  • AI for health apps: AI algorithms can also aid patient health monitoring by keeping a track of his everyday activities like distance covered walking or running, medical history for diagnosis, medication reminders, suggestions for diet plans based on the basis of blood sugar levels and BMI, heart rate monitoring, taking doctor appointments, report management, etc.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are known to significantly improve customer satisfaction. These chatbots have a wide range of applications in apps from eCommerce, education, banking, gaming, healthcare, due to their seamless 24×7 conversation experience and exceptional problem-solving capabilities.

Enterprises will not only receive a competitive edge by availing expertise in AI but will also stay ahead in transformational trends that surface every day and be guided on making the right investment decisions. Get in touch with website design and development services experts today!

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