After Earth

Do you know what is there out in the space? Don’t worry our scientist are working on it. Relax, they are breaking everything possible to find out whats there on the Mars, oops Earth has been forgotten, yes what would happen here? any idea. No, what is after earth, may be you are looking for that but wait : before looking out for something keep this place- Earth safe and then go out.

Stop destroying forest, animals, Ozone layer and humans because even in many years there will be no cure of these loses.

tech Reviews – After Earth

Oops ! are you still on earth?

We thought it would have been years that you might have left this green planet. Perhaps, we are wrong it is no longer green, scientist have destroyed everything in the name of science and technology.

So, if you are reading this, that means you should understand some thing, multi-planetary life may look cool to you but the hell no! to it.

If you have seen holes into the Ozone layer previously and still you are penetrating it with your Mars missions, whats wrong with you?

Whether you are NASA, Elon Musk or ISRO you guys can’t destroy our entire earth in the name of going out on the other planet. Billions of dollars are being spent on these missions and results in just a theory that we are going on to the Mars and planning to live there, wow when would you plan to do that?

After destroying earth’s life or before that?

Oh please, we are not fools and people who are, we can’t do anything about that.

For those who know what might happen after multiple launches of Spaceships, please try to cure this issue as soon as possible. Why?

Because there is nothing after Earth- 

  • We are already out of Water : It is not enough to satisfy enough people with the available water, and we are throwing it on the roads to show off, stop it.
  • We don’t have enough food for the people who are still on the streets when others are sleeping, so why is the Mars Mission even happening?

    Why are we not curing those problems on earth? And still looking for other planets, Why?

  • Are these scientist have gone lunatic or mad ?
  • Ozone layer will never be cured by the entire humanity in the next many generations and without Ozone we can’t go out in the sun, oops even inside the house, we are not safe anymore.
  • What will happen after Earth? who knows, it is okay if you guys really want to go out in to the space, but find out a way that may not destroy those who are living here.