Just as the saying goes, ‘Self-care is not selfish; it is essential,’ this must be followed by each of us. Self-care doesn’t limit to just the outer looks but also includes inner hygiene. Don’t you think?

No matter how amazing you dress or how good you look, intimate hygiene is something that you cannot ignore. It is still taboo to talk about, but if you don’t pay attention and give importance to it, it could be dangerous as many diseases are associated with it. 

Both men and women should give exceptional importance to this regardless of how old they are. Some washing products of intimate hygiene work well in destroying bacterial infections and preventing itchiness. These products also improve the pH level and ensure good personal hygiene, especially for women.

You must take care of your body like it is the only place you have to live in! 

Exclusive Range of Intimate Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene products are distinctive. Earlier, it was only limited to vaginal washes, but now these products are of different types. If you haven’t used any of these products before, it is high time you start using these.

Types of Personal Hygiene Products

  • Creams: If you’re worried about pigmentation, itchiness, or pungent odor, then make intimate creams your go-to product always. Intimate creams are enriched with lactic acid and usually are water-soluble creams with no harmful chemicals. This includes brightening cream, deodorant cream, a rejuvenating cream, and hydrating lotion, which helps improve and maintain intimate hygiene. 
  • Wipes: Looking for something that makes you feel refreshed? Wet wipes are the way to go. You can use it for all your sensitive areas, and these wipes also ensure that the pungent smell disappears and leaves a fresh odor that makes you feel good. These wipes also make sure your intimate areas stay hydrated and prevent itchiness.
  • Oils and Serums: Oils are great to keep your skin moist and ensure that there aren’t any cracks or breaks. If you’re worried about stretch marks or just stressed, grab the right kind of oil to help you better. If you are concerned about pigmentation or blemishes, serums are the best solution. They quickly absorb into your skin and help in hydration, and heals skin problems.   
  • Sweat Pads: Sweat pads are like a lifesaver product. It helps in absorbing excess sweat and also protects your skin from redness. Usage of sweat pads is usually once; however, some sweat pads can withstand more than one usage.
  • Urination Funnel: If you’re worried about urinary tract infections or dirty toilet seats, then you have found your rescue. Urination funnel is a new concept, but it is also one of the best ways to protect yourself from diseases. It is specifically made for women.

Best Intimate Hygiene Brands

Earlier, there were only a few brands for the maintenance of intimate hygiene. Nonetheless, it is not the same story today. Some of the best brands for personal hygiene are Carmesi, PeeBuddy, Mancode, Sanfe, Sirona, Volamena, INLIFE, Gynocup, Clovia Botaniqa. 


There are no concerns as all of these products are harmless and safe to use. It can be a matter of trouble when you don’t use these products.

Gender: Women are given importance when it comes to intimate hygiene. But, personal hygiene is essential for not just women but also men. There is a wide range of products for personal grooming and hygiene for men.

Why is Intimate Hygiene Vital? 

It helps in reducing all the infections and bacteria entering your body. Maintaining good hygiene improves your pH levels and keeps you away from STDs and UTIs. It helps you in getting rid of the pungent smell, itchiness, and redness. So, investing in good personal hygiene products will take you a long way in protecting yourself. 

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