Amazing Perth

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Perth but don’t know what activities to plan ahead of, here are all of the memorable and exciting things you can do in Perth. 

Swim at some of the most stunning beaches

First of all, Perth is widely known for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Stretching all the way from Hillarys in the north to Fremantle in the south, this Australian city is blessed to have some of the most mesmerising snow-white sand beaches that you absolutely have to visit. With many picnic areas, restaurants, and cafes this place has to offer, you will never be bored. After spending the whole day at the beach sunbathing, you can enjoy the summer night breeze in some of the loveliest cafes and restaurants along the beach. 

Bask in the perfect Perth weather

Perfect weather may be a subjective phrase, but there usually is an average temperature everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The average maximum temperature during winter in Perth is about 18.4°C. Perth has mild winters and sunny summers with an average of nine hours of sunshine throughout the day and about 131 cloudless sunny days during the year. It’s the absolutely perfect weather and it makes any time of the year the best time to visit this city. 

Cruise down the Swan River

One of the best ways you can explore and enjoy the city of Perth is if you go sailing down the picturesque Swan River. It flows right in between inner-city Perth and the historic port city of Fremantle. On your way there, you can check out the modern glass Bell Tower, the leafy Kings Park as well as the bustling Fremantle harbour. 

Stroll through the largest inner-city park in the world

If you think New York’s Central Park, is huge, you haven’t yet seen Perth’s prodigious park which takes up space of about 4.06km². Kings Park has approximately 400 hectares of untamed bushland. It is home to 75-year-old trees, 300-plus local WA plants, and about 70 bird species. There’s no better area for you to get to know Australia’s rich and stunning wildlife and nature

Meet the lovely quokka

If you want to meet one of the loveliest and most adorable animals in Australia, you have to go to Perth and meet a quokka. This cat-sized mar4supial looks like a miniature version of a kangaroo and can only be found around specific areas of Western Australia. If you take just a short ferry ride away from Fremantle, you will be able to meet this lovely little creature. 

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Step back through time into a convict prison

You might be thinking to yourself what does this mean? I can visit a prison? That’s exactly what it is. As the only UNESCO World Heritage listed building in Perth, Fremantle Prison was built by British convict labour back in the 1850s. It was a fully operating prison until 1991. However, today, you can step inside this museum and take some bone-chilling ghost tours there. If you’re brave enough, you can even spend the night in a hostel located in the old women’s wing of the prison. 

Have a refreshing drink at some of Australia’s best craft breweries

Another great thing about Fremantle is that it’s widely known and famous for its amazing craft breweries. During sunny summer days and lively summer nights, you can visit this city with your friends and have some of the most refreshing and delicious beers with a stunning view of the coastline. 

Taste mouth-watering seafood

Other than having some delicious and refreshing beer, Perth is also known for its mouth-watering seafood that you shouldn’t miss out on. Make sure to check out the oysters from Albany, marron from the southwest of the state, barramundi from up north, lobster from Geraldton, and scallops from nearby Rottnest Island.

Catch a game at a brand new stadium

If you’re a big fan of sports and sports activities, then you’ll absolutely love Perth. Named because of its resemblance to the lobster-catching device, Perth’s sporting area Cray Pot is definitely worth a visit. You can visit the Optus Stadium which offers 60,000 seats and some of the best sporting events in Perth. 

Let your hair down in Northbridge

When the night comes, Perth simply shines through with its nightlife and vibrant drink and food scene. So let your hair down and enjoy one of the most adventurous nights in Perth by visiting its luxury nightclubs, live music hotspots, intimate wine bars, and LGBTQI-friendly venues.

Go whale watching

If you love exploring marine life, then Perth is the absolute best place you can visit. If you ever decide to visit Perth, you should go on an adventurous whale watching in Perth and experience observing this magnificent creature in its natural habitat. 

Experience the Wild West

Lastly, Perth is the gateway to Australia’s biggest state and a place that will offer some of the most jaw-dropping travelling experiences. This is the best place where you can explore the wild west by visiting the world-class Margaret River wine region as well as the other-worldly landscapes of the Pinnacles. You’ll also have a chance to meet dolphins in Monkey Mia and swim with whale sharks along the Ningaloo Reef.


Overall, there are a lot of spots in Perth you should visit since this Australian city offers some of the most adventurous and memorable activities you can participate in while travelling through Australia.

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