In-Depth Study of an Argumentative Essay

An essay is an academic write-up assigned to students at their university. It is a piece of writing that develops an idea or argument using analysis and interpretation. There are various kinds of essays that you can write for your draft. The content and length of the essay depend on the level of your course and university requirements. Students have to do extensive research before they start drafting. A student who faces issues seeks online essay writing services UK has been rooted in assisting students in improving their writing skills and achieving good grades.

Scholars often face issues with the kind of essay they should write to make their draft look engaging. They also face problems with the structure and format they should follow while writing an academic paper. Online services would help them resolve those issues. Below is an excerpt on one of the types of essays, namely “the argumentative essay.” It explains the meaning and overview of an argumentative essay to assist students facing problems with this essay.

A Brief Explanation of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is an academic style that presents both sides of an issue. The writer can write on it based on his choice. For example, the writer could draft about both sides of the problem, agreeing with them in a balanced manner. In other ways, the writer can forcefully portray one side of the argument. It all depends on the writer and what side the author supports.

University students are assigned an argumentative essay so that the scholars can learn to examine their own and others’ ideas and present their views based on them. It improves the research and analytical skills of the student. Additionally, can significantly improve a learner’s grades.

Outline of an Argumentative Essay

Every write-up has a few guidelines to follow for it to be good. There are a few fundamental aspects that students should follow while writing an argumentative essay. Listed below are a few pointers that need to be taken into consideration while writing an exceptional argumentative essay: –


An argumentative essay should contain a crisp and concise introduction. It should include a summary that provides context for the facts in your article. It should also portray the claim and thesis statement of your writing. Also, write a few sentences to create the reader’s interest in the arguments you will present in your paper.

Main Body:

The main body of your argumentative essay should contain detailed information about the facts, definition, claim, cause, and effect you will write in your draft. It is the part that includes the most vital information about the topic you chose for your write-up.


Whenever you oppose an argument, have enough evidence to prove your viewpoint. An argumentative essay is all about arguments; whatever argument you present should severely impact the reader.

Various Types of Arguments to Be Used in the Writing

There are a few fundamental types of arguments used in an argumentative essay. They make the write-up more readable and engaging. Below is a brief description of all the major arguments used in an essay:

Classical Argument: 

It requires the writer to examine both sides of the argument. After you analyse each side, pick one. Then, use clear, authentic academic and statistical evidence to prove it right. A classical argument doesn’t require you to prove whether it is factual.

Rogerian Argument: 

Rogerian is a type of argument that is used if you want to discuss controversial subjects. With this, you can easily discuss sensitive matters and get the audience to agree or disagree with you without creating an environment of hostility. It respectfully presents an argument without hurting anyone’s emotions.

Toulmin Argument:

Toulmin is an argument where you present your claim, present grounds to back it up, and then justify the grounds linking to it. Therefore, it highlights one side of the argument and presents facts to make their claim difficult to argue.

Characteristics of an Exceptional Argumentative Essay

There are a few characteristics that, if used, will make your draft exceptional. Listed below are features that make a good argumentative essay: –

  • An argumentative essay should have an impersonal voice. Allow your audience to form opinions while you express your own.
  • All the discussions in the argumentative essay are written in the present tense.
  • Use transition words such as “therefore” and “however” to connect concepts and points.
  • Use reputable resources to gather good evidence to present in your argumentative essay.
  • An argumentative essay would present facts and figures to support the argument rather than just opinions.

Argumentative essays are evaluated based on the arguments presented by the writer. Therefore, it is essential to present all the points that highlight the author’s perspective on a topic. Students can seek online assistance to resolve any queries they face in the essay. Online services prove to be advantageous for students struggling with academic writing. It provides essay assistance for all university subjects like law, management, marketing, finance and so on. Also, it provides scholars with guidelines for the structure and format of the draft. Students observe a drastic change in their academic performance after getting assisted with online assistance. It can also endow students with a sample draft to give them a better understanding of the document. If you want similar assistance, feel free to reach write my essay service UK to gain assistance with your doubts and gain good grades.

In conclusion, the exploration of argumentative essays reveals their profound significance as tools of intellectual discourse and persuasion. These essays transcend mere words on paper; they are structured canvases that allow writers to paint their ideas with precision and conviction. Throughout this study, we have delved into the crucial components that constitute an effective argumentative essay, from the engaging introduction to the thought-provoking conclusion.

The thesis statement, as the beating heart of the essay, serves as a compass guiding both writer and reader through the intellectual journey. The background and context, offered as a backdrop, provide the necessary foundation for understanding the subject’s relevance and urgency. The meticulously crafted body paragraphs, each a brick in the argument’s edifice, build the case with robust evidence and meticulous reasoning.

The art of addressing counterarguments and opposing viewpoints is a testament to the essayist’s intellectual integrity. By demonstrating a willingness to engage with differing perspectives and systematically dismantling them, the writer forges a more formidable argument.

Ethos, pathos, and logos form the trinity of persuasive appeal, working harmoniously to resonate with readers intellectually, emotionally, and ethically. The strategic use of evidence and support substantiates claims, lending authority and credibility to the writer’s voice.

Lastly, the conscious awareness of the intended audience is the secret ingredient that flavors the essay’s potency. By speaking directly to the concerns, beliefs, and aspirations of the readers, the writer forges an emotional connection that enhances the essay’s persuasive impact.

In a world inundated with information and perspectives, the argumentative essay rises as a beacon of intellectual rigor. It serves not only as a conduit for individual expression but also as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas, encouraging critical thinking and respectful dialogue. As we conclude our study, we are reminded that the power of the argumentative essay lies not solely in its words but in its ability to inspire, challenge, and catalyze change in the world of ideas.

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