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window blinds– Whether you’re a trend follower or prefer a more conventional aesthetic,

each investment you make in your house should be long-lasting.

Taking hard-earned money and investing it in the aesthetics of each area is something that many of us like

– the chance to transform these once-bland rooms into reflections of our own personalities.

Cordless blinds are the ideal final touch to a space we’ve spent so much time refining,

especially in this contemporary era. ‘Do cordless blinds last as long as corded blinds?’ is a frequently requested topic at Super5 Blinds. Is the investment in cordless blinds worth it? That’s what we’ll be discussing in today’s blog.

The benefits of cordless blinds are discussed.

Most of our long-time blog readers and customers are familiar with cordless blinds by now. But first, let’s be clear. Cordless blinds use an internal spring-loaded mechanism or a motor to operate instead of a standard pull rope. These may be used to raise or lower the blind,

providing you complete control over the amount of light and privacy in your house.

They are a commercially available invention designed to decrease the risk of accidents and dangers in the home. According to RoSPA research, 1-2 children die each year as a result of window blind cord-related accidents.

Apart from that, hundreds of youngsters between 18 to 36 months are likely to be injured or placed in risky circumstances as a result of them.

During play or because they’ve fallen over close to the window, looped wires can quickly become wrapped around children’s necks.

Children this age haven’t acquired the power in their necks or torsos to readily raise themselves out of danger,

so if adult supervision isn’t provided at all times, the worst can happen.

By removing the cord, cordless blinds minimise this risk. They may still be used completely because of the slim design,

which reduces the impact of direct sunlight and helps you maximise seclusion.

Now, you can easily install windowblinds in a nursery or children’s playroom without fear of something bad happening if you look away for a second.

What are the differences between cordless and corded blinds?

Corded window blinds are still a popular choice, especially among those seeking a more classic aesthetic. They might also be more cost-effective because they are one of the oldest window coverings available. If you have standard-sized windows, buying off the shelf can help you save money and cut down on delivery times. But how do cordless and corded window blinds differ in other ways?

Actually, there aren’t many. Traditional corded blinds and cordless blinds are available from Super5 Blinds in a variety of materials to suit your needs. Waterproof alternatives are great for kitchens and bathrooms, since they decrease the danger of moisture-related issues like mould and mildew. If you’re always finding your house becoming too hot,

solar reflecting alternatives have been particularly developed to decrease the influence of direct sunshine and give temperature-control benefits.

Furthermore, sheer choices let you to block out sunlight while still working comfortably without the risk of glare or distraction. The primary difference is the method of operation:

either a spring-loaded internal mechanism that may be softly pushed down to release and adjust to your chosen height,

or a spring-loaded external mechanism that can be gently pulled down to release and adjust to your desired height.

Motorized roller blinds, for example,

may be operated by remote control and adjusted from your seat if you want something more modern and connected to your obsession with current technology.

What is the average lifespan of a window blind?

Window blinds that are well-made are meant to endure a long time.

Manufacturers, like as our team at Lifestyle Blinds, anticipate that they will be a frequently utilised and indispensable element in your house.

Window blinds, unlike ornamental ornaments, are likely to be rolled up and down on a daily basis, if not several times. They will mostly certainly be utilised by several members of your family, from young to old. They’re also likely to be exposed to a lot of sunshine and need to be resistant to weekly cleaning.

We suggest that your window blinds endure for at least 8 years on average.

Sure, you may alter them up before then, choosing for a more trendy option or a more appropriate one while renovating your home.

You may either take great care in maintaining and cleaning your blinds and get 10 years or more out of them by doing so.

8 years, on the other hand, is plenty of time to see a return on your investment and for them to become a permanent member of your family.

Why do cordless blinds have a longer lifespan?

We need to evaluate how much interaction you’ll have with the fabric when deciding whether cordless blinds will last as long as corded blinds.

Your hands never come into touch with the fabric of the blind with corded blinds. Simply roll the cloth up and down with the cord. Pulling on the internal mechanism, and therefore the fabric, will most likely put extra pressure on the structure. All of the textiles we use are meant to be long-lasting and robust, with the ability to survive years of use. However, just increasing the amount of contact increases the rate of wear-and-tear.

On the other hand, a spring-loaded mechanism embedded into the fabric means that in order to make changes, you must be tall enough to hold the blind securely.

This reduces the likelihood that younger family members will be able to continually move the blind or increase the quantity of touch your fabric receives. You’ll be able to simply manage this extra wear with the appropriate settings, preventing severe damage to your blinds.

You can get an even longer lifespan if you pick a more high-tech variant. Motorized roller blinds include an inbuilt motor that allows them to roll up and down using the remote control that comes with them. You never have to come into contact with the cloth in this case. Excessive force or premature wear and tear are not a concern.

And, because many of the windows chosen to go with these remote-controlled blinds are out of reach, they tend to stay that way. As a result, you prevent the possibility of younger children unintentionally playing with them.

You can ensure that your cordless window blinds last as long as possible with proper cleaning and maintenance,

no matter how bothersome the sunshine is or how often nosy neighbours seem to find a cause to stroll past your windows.

How to extend the life of your cordless blinds

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your cordless window blinds last as long as possible. Our top recommendations are as follows:

  • Make sure you have a cleaning routine in place. Keeping dust and debris out of your cordless blinds’ mechanism helps keep them from sticking and causing harm.
  • Use these with caution. Keeping the amount of movement in your window blinds to a minimum might help you save money in the long run.
  • Get the harm fixed. Here are some blog entries with tips on how to repair small problems on your own. If you’ve observed more specific damage, contact our staff for additional information.

At Super5 Blinds, our expert staff has years of expertise creating bespoke cordless roller blinds to match your windows.

Please contact us now if you have any concerns or would like to talk with one of our representatives about prolonging the life of your window blinds.

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