Benefits of Organic Health and Wellness Products

With all of life’s demands making us so busy, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. This includes a lack of enough rest, a sedentary routine, and unhealthy eating habits. We prioritize many other things, and having a healthy lifestyle takes a back seat.

To have healthier habits, we should practice being observant of what we do and what we eat. This means that we should be more inquisitive in the exercises that we choose to do and the ingredients present in the products we do use and eat.

The products and food we buy may be labeled as “healthy” but the ingredients maybe not. This is where organic ingredients come in. To know more about the benefits of organic health and wellness products, read on!

Grown Naturally

Did you know that conventional farming includes the use of chemicals? Organically grown fruits and vegetables are planted with natural fertilizers and pesticides. Instead of using chemicals, farmers use compost and manual weeding to protect plants. This kind of plant cultivation requires more effort from farmers as all steps in the process need physical handwork.

Livestock products can also be produced through more natural means. This means that chickens and cows are given natural feed free from GMOs, and are treated with a healthy diet instead of medications.

More Nutritious

As organic produce is free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, it is fresher and more nutritious. These fruits and vegetables developed antioxidants to repel pests, which are beneficial for its growth and the health of the people who consume it. Compared to conventional farming, naturally grown produce has more healthy compounds beneficial to humans. A study shows that organic tomatoes have at least 79% more flavonoids than normal tomatoes.

Conventional pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can remain on the fruits and vegetables that we consume in our homes. These are regulated by authorized organizations, but to be truly free from this would only be possible with organic produce.

With livestock, organic produce means that the meat, eggs, and dairy are higher in nutrients such as omega-3. The natural upbringing of the animals also means that they are free from antibiotics and synthetic medications.

Better For The Environment

Prolonged use of chemicals can harm the environment by polluting the air, soil, and water. It can also harm nearby plants and animals that are exposed to harmful chemicals. In organic farming, the surroundings are instead being taken care of. This is visible in the high caliber of the soil, which is better for plants in the long run. Air-borne chemicals are also lessened, leading to cleaner air and water condition.

In organic cultivation, farmers have to put in more effort to improve the quality of the soil by making compost. If you prepare food in the kitchen, most likely you have to throw away scraps of food like vegetable roots and stems, fruit peels, eggshells, and animal guts. This organic waste in addition to plant leaves, twigs, and manure is used in making compost. It is good for the environment because it reduces waste in landfills and encourages recycling.

Beneficial To Farmers Health

Conventional farmers are the ones with the most exposure to harmful chemicals because they handle artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Prolonged contact with these can lead to poisoning and health risks. Not only the farmers themselves can be affected but also their families and children that live near the farms.

Pesticides are more harmful to pregnant women and children. The women responsible for two lives not only endanger themselves but their unborn baby. The worst-case scenario would be defects in the baby or miscarriage. Children are also prone to health risks because they are still developing their organs. If they get exposed to pesticides, it is more likely that they can develop certain disabilities.

Organic farming, on the other hand, is more beneficial for these families because of the better air, water, and soil quality of their immediate environment.

Good For Consumers Health

While consumers are not directly in contact with the chemicals like the farmers themselves, conventional produce may have a residue of pesticides and herbicides. In contrast, organic produce does not have this problem while also being more nutritious and healthy for their consumer.

Key Takeaway

Having a healthy lifestyle is more than just consuming products labeled in the market as good for you. As consumers, we have to be responsible for checking the quality of ingredients and where they come from. Some products out there are not made with all-natural ingredients, but with harmful chemicals that can affect your health.

Organic health and wellness products made from ingredients that are free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are not just more nutritious for you, but also the farmers and the environment. When you opt for these products, you become more conscious about the health of humans and the earth itself.

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