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Women’s sports t-shirts for fitness are an irreplaceable thing. Especially if it is not only fashionable, but also matched in size and all the rules. How to choose the right thing and which T-shirt is better to buy for training, what fabrics and materials to pay attention to – we will consider later in our article.

Models and styles

Sport and fashion seem to be not very compatible concepts. At first sight. Although this is not entirely true. After all, no one will go to training in old worn things. New trousers, shorts or T-shirts motivate you to be physically active much more. Therefore, when choosing new items for your sports wardrobe, pay attention to the following styles of T-shirts:

Classic. Here it is worth understanding the product of a classic cut. Semi-fitted silhouette, short sleeves, round or V-shaped neckline. Typically, these T-shirts are made from a combination of cotton and lycra. For example, this model is on the website of the Binita factory

95% cotton and 5% lycra. This combination allows you to use the thing as a training uniform, and for everyday wear.

With long sleeve. Women’s sports shirts with long sleeves are also called “longsleeve”. They are comfortable for any activity, from running to skiing. Everything is only in the material from which the thing is made. In particular, for jogging, it is better to choose products made of synthetic modern materials that allow the skin to breathe and at the same time absorb moisture and sweat and dry quickly. For skating or skiing, materials need to be knocked out such that they will not freeze and will absorb sweat. Usually, it is a mixture of wool, linen and synthetics. Check here for more details about hi visibility workwear

Shortened – they are also commonly called “rush-guard”. The peculiarity of the model is that it has a full sleeve length and a shortened main part. This allows you to slightly open the stomach and show a beautiful press and waistline. The model looks quite bold and catchy, so in order not to look vulgar, choose leggings or high-waisted sweatpants as a pair. Pants are better to choose a free cut.

Hooded. A great option for those who like to train outside. Women’s sports t-shirts with a hood will help protect your neck and head from the cold wind and will not let you get too cold. Such things can be supplemented with olympics or windbreaker jackets made from natural fabrics, or from mixed materials (cotton and synthetic threads).

And another interesting trend for bold sports girls is t-shirts with cutouts. They can be located at the waist, sleeves or back. There are many variations. What to choose is an individual matter. The main thing is to remember that it is convenient for you to train in this thing and that such original details as cuts do not distract either you or your neighbors who are training in the gym or on the site.

Materials and fabrics

It would seem quite obvious that for sports things it is worth picking up only those made of cotton. This is partly true. Why only partly? Let’s figure it out. And find out what fabrics are acceptable for fitness.

Cotton. Of course, we will give the first place to cotton. Because this fabric does not cause allergies, breathes and quickly absorbs moisture. But there are also disadvantages here – such women’s sports t-shirts with a sleeve (or even without a sleeve) are quite wrinkled and do not dry out immediately. Therefore, if the training takes place outdoors, any cold wind can cause hypothermia. When choosing a cotton item, buy a second pair and take it with you so that you can change clothes right away.

Synthetics. Here you should not understand only elastane or lycra. In recent years, many modern synthetic materials have appeared, which often “give odds” to any natural fabric. They are also breathable, water-repellent and have excellent moisture absorption characteristics. Therefore, when you see on the label that the T-shirt is not made of cotton, do not rush to remove the item. Please consult with the seller. It is likely that the item suits you.

Viscose. The fabric belongs to the group of mixed, but often it is also classified as natural. She has a lot of advantages: she wears for a long time, is hygroscopic, stretches well, absorbs sweat, breathes. But at the same time, it is wrinkled, deformed during washing and can “shrink”. These things are good for Pilates-style workouts or jogging.

And finally, consider blended fabrics. Most often here they understand a mixture of cotton and lycra in different proportions. The online store of the garment factory “Binita” presents a lot of T-shirts made from a combination of cotton and lycra threads. For example, this model of a delicate pink shade

Such a thing can be worn for any workout – whether it’s yoga, fitness or crossfit. A large percentage of cotton will allow the skin to breathe, and the presence of lycra will prevent things from wrinkling and deforming.

Prints and colors

What color or with what pattern to choose a T-shirt for sports is an individual decision. This season, designers are not tied to something specific. The favorites are both things without a pattern, and with an abundance of prints or ornaments. Let’s consider them.

Monophonic. Over the past few years, many fashion houses and couturiers have encouraged girls to reveal their femininity and softness. This trend has not lost its relevance to this day. That is why it is worth choosing delicate shades: powdery, coral, peach, warm yellow, soft lilac and muted olive.

Abstraction. Lines, geometric shapes, checks and the combination of all this together – all this conveys dynamics, movement and is great as a print for sports t-shirts.

Inscriptions. One of the hottest trends of the 2022 season is women’s sports t-shirts with slogans or brand names. It can be miniature, large or just the entire width or height of the product. The main thing to remember is that large letters will increase your proportions. Therefore, if you want to look like Thumbelina, do not buy such things.

It is not difficult to choose the style of women’s summer shorts in large sizes. Designers offer a choice of several options at once that will fit into any wardrobe and style. Here are some examples of the most relevant trends.

High waist. The high landing line has been relevant for quite a long time. And this trend is not losing ground. In many ways, this phenomenon is explained by the fact that high-waisted things suit everyone. Whether it’s a plumper or a completely thin girl. But this style looks especially good on girls with shapes. With the help of an oversized fit, you can not only hide a problem area (for example, a tummy), but also designate a waist line. This technique will instantly make you visually slimmer and create feminine proportions.

Elongated. There can be both narrowed and wider knee-length options. The main thing is not to choose shorts with an assembly at the waist. This will visually create additional volume and add kilograms. Therefore, choose models that are loose or slightly adjacent to the thigh on a stitched wide belt. This will create an attractive and very feminine silhouette.

Bicycle shorts. Do not think that this trend is only suitable for thin. Plain or with stripes, these cycling shorts are also suitable for curvy ladies. Much more important than to combine this model. It is best to pick up a loose T-shirt.

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