Best Data Annotation Companies for NLP Annotation

AI and machine learning companies need huge amount of data sets to train the algorithm. And data annotation companies are doing this job for them by providing the labeled data for right training and accurate predictions when used in real-life.

Similarly, for natural language processing or transcription services a huge amount of training data sets are created by the data annotation companies. Natural language processing is the process of training the language or voice based model to make the human language understandable to machines.

While transcription services is the process of converting the various types of contents like audio, video and OCR for different needs. Transcription companies transcribe the audio or video into text or other formats as per the requirements making such contents available for other purposes.

Data Annotation Companies

However, being involved in data annotation, such companies also provide the annotation and transcription of different types of data for different needs. In NLP annotation, language data is annotated to make it understandable to AI based applications like Chatbot or virtual assistant devices.

In speech recognition and sentiment analysis in text classification, the language is annotated with the help of data annotation team. These experts identify the important words and annotate the texts or keywords with added metadata and other notes making the entire sentence or phrases comprehensible to machine learning algorithms and communicate with humans.

data annotation companies

Types of Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of transcribe the content from one form to another form while keeping the meaning and essence of the entire sentence. The content can be available in any format like text, audio and video that can be transcribe into other formats with original sense.

Similarly, OCR or Optical character recognition transcription is another transcription used to transcribe the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo or from subtitle text superimposed on an image or picture containing encoded information.

Best Data Annotation Companies for NLP & Transcription Services

There are data annotation companies only providing the data labeling and image annotation services. And there are few companies providing only transcription services, so it hard to find the company involved in data annotation and also offers NLP and transcription services.

Cogito is one the well-known data annotation companies, annotate the data for machine learning and AI. It is also involved in NLP annotation and transcription services with team of dedicated professionals to perform such tasks with quality. It is providing text, audio, NLP and data annotation for voice recognition and language based AI models looking for such annotated data.

Cogito is also providing the audio or video transcription and OCR transcription with high accuracy making the transcription with right meaning and essence. It can transcribe the different content and also provide the training data sets for machine learning and AI model develops for different fields.


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