Best Dedicated Servers Hosting Providers Of 2022

The term “dedicated server” speaks for itself. This means you have your own server to host the site, regardless of complexity or traffic. This is completely different from the VPS or shared hosting solutions we are used to.

Dedicated servers lack bandwidth, CPU sharing, RAM, and other typical factors. This is a flexible solution that is easy to manage and optimize based on website requirements while remaining responsive at all times.

The main advantage of dedicated hosting is that it provides more tools to manage and control your settings. Users can freely apply the required configuration. Other benefits include expanded support and services at each stage. Digital security, etc.

This solution is more expensive compared to other hosting options. You should be willing to pay between US$50 and US$150 per month for the starter plan.

Bluehost – Best Dedicated Server Provider

Bluehost is the perfect solution for websites of any type or size. Its dedicated server has high performance and speed as well as full control and maximum power. The platform provides many convenient options, divided into three main categories: basic, advanced, and advanced. They are all part of the chosen plan. Some basic functions are as follows:

  • Maximum speed – The platform uses open source technologies, such as OpenStack. This fact provides greater flexibility and fast site performance.
  • Enhanced cPanel – Bluehost cPanel is the ultimate tool that provides root access for advanced users seeking full control of the server. If needed, users can use this panel to add hosting instantly.
  • Manage your database – The database management function allows users to make any necessary repairs and changes directly on the server.


HostGator is best dedicated hosting providers that have successfully implemented the cloud to provide the most advanced dedicated server solutions. The company provides users with simple hosting management tools and maximum productivity. In addition to the additional features of building and maintaining the website from scratch, all plans include strong security features.

The main advantages of Hostgator:

  • Improved performance-In addition to A+ speed test results and 99.9% uptime, Hostgator also combines SSD and hard drive technology to ensure a perfect website experience. This approach leads to a more flexible server configuration, allowing you to manage resources in the most efficient way. In addition, users can generate more reorganizations from the control panel.
  • The unlimited bandwidth-hosting service provider guarantees unlimited bandwidth for each dedicated server plan. All servers are located across the country (throughout the United States), using Tier-3 data centers.
  • Maximum security-Hostgator uses cutting-edge technology to ensure 100% security. You don’t need to worry about system or application updates. They will be processed automatically, and errors or malware will be monitored, detected, and eliminated. In addition to IP-based firewalls, every data center has DDoS protection.


SiteGround is a platform that provides a combination of dedicated and cloud hosting. They come with all pre-installed features, software, and programs that you may need to use the site.

The platform provides high-quality dedicated machines to host any network project. You can customize and manage it yourself, or you can choose professional help from Siteground experts.

The following features are designed to improve website performance and provide more features:

  • High-end equipment selection-Siteground experts have developed stable, dedicated machines with a perfect performance at higher speeds. The system uses some of the best data centers to optimize server locations.
  • Full control and scalability-The platform come with a fully managed server solution. Users can monitor their performance around the clock to make near-instant decisions and troubleshooting.
  • 24/7 VIP customer service users can always get professional help via live chat, phone call, or ticketing. When you need a system restart or malware diagnosis, the support team is ready to help.

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