Best South Asian Body Type Outfits

South Asian outfits have always been an enthusiasm for the globe. Whether it is a kurta or shalwar kameez, South Asians are fond of these outfits and wear them immensely. The privilege is, South Asians know how to carry these outfits.

In South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, the shalwar kameez is the outfit in common. Shalwar kameez, ghagra, lehenga, and kurta are extraordinary and marvelous dresses to be considered at any festival or event.

Many South Asian women don’t know how to choose their outfits according to their body shape and size. The chief factor matter in the selection of outfits is one’s body type. Outfits will enlighten your look if you genuinely know which type is a better fit for your body.

In this article, I will discuss some better chunks of South Asian outfits according to their body type. If you are facing difficulty in the selection of the best South Asian outfits conforming to your body type, go through my read below.

Shalwar Kameez:

The shalwar kameez is the favorite outfit of women in South Asia and it began in the 13th century in South Asia. In Pakistan, the shalwar kameez is the national dress of women. Shalwar kameez sparkle the look of South Asian women and beautifully embellish their culture.

Every woman needs to wear such a shalwar kameez which gave them a bright glimpse. This is possible only when the shalwar kameez is desirable to their body type. Every woman possesses a different figure and everyone needs a distinct way of styling.

Below are some inspiring and graceful shalwar kameez according to specific body types which everyone will want to buy.

Yellow Cotton Silk Shalwar Kameez:

This is a lovely and fairly yellow cotton silk kameez with a yellow and a bit of pink organza dupatta. The dupatta has pretty pinkish flowers all over it. Moreover, its border is also all pink. The contrast of yellow and pink is eye-catching.

Apple-Shaped Body Type: Apple shaped body type has a broad upper body part and a narrow lower body part. Those South Asian women with apple-shaped bodies have thin legs. They should wear loose and flowy shalwar kameez such as cotton and silk kameez.

South Asian women with apple-shaped body types are highly recommended to wear such cotton silk shalwar kameez as above in the picture. I suggest wearing floppy kameezes with no plates. When it comes to shalwar, prefer churidar because the apple shape includes thin legs. Churidar is elite for lean legs as it gives elegant look to them.

Pear-Shaped Body Type: The opposite of an apple-shaped body is a pear-shaped body type. South Asians with pear-shaped bodies have lower body parts broader than an upper body part. So, I suggest women with pear-shaped bodies wear long and floppy Anarkali dresses.

Yellow Anarkali Outfit:

This yellow long Anarkali outfit is exceptional for south Asian women having pear-shaped bodies. Long kameez will bold their waist and shoulders but not the hips area. The best styling idea for a pear-shaped body type is to point up the upper part of the body.

HourGlass Body Type: South Asian women with hourglass body types are completely different from apple-shaped and pear-shaped body types. Apple-shaped and pear-shaped bodies are suggested to wear loose and flowy dresses. But Hourglass women are chiefly recommended to wear tight-fitted dresses.

Pink Hand Block Shalwar Kameez:

This pink hand-block shalwar kameez is best for an hourglass body type. Wearing a tight outfit will define their lean waist, full breast, and perfect legs. Figure-hugging shalwar kameez will make them look killing.

Straight Body type: lucky South Asian women have straight shapes of the body. This figure does not need to bold any of its body parts to look stunning. They can wear any type of outfit. Either it is tight-fitted or loose. Any type will suit them.

This is all for shalwar kameez. I hope the above read will help you to find the best shalwar kameez according to your body type.


The lehenga is another interesting outfit for South Asians. From young girls to women, all of them love to wear lehenga. Every lehenga is different in design, features, and elegance. Every year, there comes a variety of lehenga. It becomes difficult for south Asian women to choose from such a large variety.

Women who want to look pretty in a lehenga should know their body features, shape, and size.

Red Tier Lehenga:

Apple-Shaped Body Type: This red-tier lehenga is ideal for south Asian women with apple-shaped body types. Apple-shaped is suggested to wear a floppy lehenga and blouse with a crew neckline so that their broad shoulders are not pointed.

Yellow Embroidered Lehenga:

This yellow embroidered lehenga is perfectly designed for a pear-shaped body type.

Pear-shaped Body Type: south Asian women with pear-shaped bodies should wear simple and fascinating lehenga. The blouse should be a light color and embroidered. It will prominent your narrow shoulders and collarbone. It will take your look to the next level of elegance.

Brown Velvet Lehenga

Hour-glass Body Type: lehenga for women with hourglass body types is easy to choose. Try to wear velvet or chiffon lehenga which is not inflexible but rather admiring to your body.

This brown velvet lehenga is sophisticated for the hourglass body type. The small blouse will show off your waist.

South Asian women with hourglass body types should try to wear a variety of lehengas. Another best choice for an hourglass body is a fishtail lehenga.


Above are the best outfit ideas for south Asian body types. I target three main body types. Hourglass, pear-shaped, and apple-shaped body types and suggested shalwar kameez and lehenga for these body types.

This article will help many south Asian women to understand which body type they have and which lehenga is most suitable for their body shape. Once you get which lehenga and shalwar kameez are best for you, try to do online shopping. Online shopping will help you to compare different styles and designs.