In today’s high-tech world, technology has been evolving at a speed of light, with a handsome number of innovations being launched into the market one after another. Most of these have vanished into thin air, without gaining much attraction from the audience. But there are some that have managed to book a place in the hearts of the users.

Among those ample number of innovations, the two that stand out are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Both of these technologies have continued on their merry way and saw an incredible hike in popularity over the course of the last 5 years. AR and VR have had a significant influence on a great number of industries, including the entertainment ones as well.

Trends to Watch Out For In 2021

1. Augmented Reality Powered Solutions For Enterprises

As of now, smart glasses are at that particular phase where customer’s solutions are probably just a couple of years off. Enterprise solutions, medical, and military are starting to prove the significant value of integrating Augmented Reality with smart glasses and headsets.

2. Augmented Reality for Navigation Solutions

Without a shadow of a doubt, Indoor Navigation is among the most widely used cases for Augmented Reality. It is expected that in the coming few months, users will finally be able to get a first look at the technology’s potential. The majority of the users are already greatly reliant on maps/navigation services from both Apple and Google to get around outside; however, indoor navigation is the upcoming use case that is anticipated to blow the audiences away.

3. AR: A Novel method of shopping

Recent research showed that around one hundred million consumers are anticipated to use Augmented Reality-enabled shopping technologies by 2021. This remains one of the most anticipated and sought-after trends of the upcoming year.