Apart from in certain countries, you usually get a driver with you when you rent a car in India! Obviously, that can take a little time, particularly if you have never witnessed your first visit to India. This is what you have to know.

Why hire a Car and Driver?

Why don’t you just rent a car and drive? Or do you take or fly the train? Or a tour? Or take it? Car hiring and driving are ideal for self-employed visitors who wish to have access and freedom of their routes and travelling. You can stop in places you’re interested in and don’t worry about how to get around. While in India, self-driving is not recommended for reasons of mental safety and safety, as roads are regularly in poor condition and road regulations are not often guided in India. Train and air travel is important for high distances that are transitional. But it makes the most sense to employ a car and a driver if you are planning on exploring different destinations in a State, like Rajasthan or Kerala.

How much is this expensive?

The price depends on the car rentals type and whether the driver speaks English or not (these drivers typically cost a bit more). The price is per kilometer and a minimum of 250 or 300 kilometers per day is always to be paid, regardless of distance. The rates vary according to businesses and cities for each type of car, although the following are general estimates:

Small car — Usually a Tata Indica air conditioned, starting at approximately 10 rounds per kilometer. Modern cars are cheaper to hire than one of the old ambassadors who cost you approximately 15 rupees per kilometer. These cars fit two passengers conveniently, but can fit four.

Medium-Car – Usually, from 13 rupees per kilometer a Toyota Innova SUV or Mahindra Xylo. These cars fit four safely, but can accommodate six.

Large Car — Usually a traveller with a cost of 18 rupees per kilometre. These unique cars can accommodate up to ten passengers, like minivans. Larger ones can be.

Tariffs apply for journeys between destinations. It usually covers fuel, insurance and government taxes. Parking, and a daily allowance (200-500 rupees/day) to the driver’s food and lodging may be extra. Tariffs for sightseeing in a town are lower.

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